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  • FISHINABOX artist bio


    FISHINABOX Draws on a global lifetime of musical exploration, driven by an all questioning agenda. The music puts a firm handle on the genres of modern jazz and electronics and fuses them seamlessly into primitive tribal fusion.

    This Fusion works downstream from source, embracing desire to explore the roots technic of all sound. Whether music, language, nature or digital, it is a journey into Tribal Rythum, African, Arabic and Indo-Asian Percussion and a constant and ever evolving study of linguistics and the musical application of vocal sound. An all embracing pursuit of Experimental World Vibration. The resulting melting pot of global sound concepts becomes one within classical and western Jazz methodology and osmoses well with modern Electronic post millennium foresight.

    Building on this theatrical pulsating Soundscape and musical design, FISHINABOX seeks to , as a lyrical message, capture a moral opposition to social decadence through Music his work looks to draw on the roots of the anarcho-punk resistance but rather than to destroy the concept of musical structure his work looks to fuse social and anti social music with no obligation to categorising or restricting himself to any genre , fashion, politic or style.

    Penny Rimbaud – Comment on the FISHINABOX Project:

    Fishinabox? I liked the name, thought it sounded Brooklyn, and as I like Brooklyn, I bought in (I like standing me down in Brooklyn riverside park watching Manhattan growme). Liked the Buddhist inferences. Liked the beard. Liked the trumpet: Miles away. Don’t mind one bit what bit gets used. Free like that.

    Who owns what? What? Those things that come like free.

    It Never was mine to play with…and then it grows its organic way. As much down as up when it grows its organic way. (Tastes better too). Just keeps on going in a nowhere pool until not going. Nothing really ever happens. Just passing beyond measurement, but never indifference. That said, it wasn’t me. So Carry on.

    Andie Handei Kumafaro  –  Comment on the FISHINABOX Project:

    FISHINABOX is the beginning of a new journey, one that has been there, off the beaten track, silently spreading root in the undergrowth whilst the commercial airwaves spoon feed, drip feed the constant never ending out of life and reality-sync “pay for plays” banal poison asylum we are all trapped in. An Asylum designed for the “machinal” extraction of cash to stuff the pillows of the elite.

    FISHINABOX resists this Asylum. Real Musical Understanding begins with the heartbeat. We must stop, be silent, listen for that heartbeat and with its first pulse identified, create the first breath and in exhalation we can allow the music to be born again. Breath gives life to voice, to instruments, to awakening, to balance. Breath are the footsteps of the body and carefully placed one in front of the other we can open our score books to write the Orchestra of Life, exploring, respecting, replicating all that is complexity in consciousness with and around us as we push out the boundaries of musical form that exist around us. A Life in which all melody and discord guides the movement of the composer’s hand’s. The score flows and we follow, open ears, mind , heart and soul to become truly one within the rhythm of life


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