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Animal Rights Photography 2018 CALENDAR – ORDER NOW – London Underground REAL NEWS In a reality asylum of the buy now pay later world of emotionally disconnected automated unrepentant pre-programmed national consumerism; photographs can be one of the most ground breaking and eye opening truth spreakers. As the last of the old breed of Investigative journalists such as John Pilger now start to give way to the rise of the social media phenomenon in recording stark events; most of the western world (67%) now sources its news reporting form non commercial feeds. “Anony-News” gives the public access to real time events, underplayed or simply … Continue reading

WINTER IS HERE at the RETREAT – Feed them all – Fundraising NOW !

WINTER IS HERE at the RETREAT – Feed them all – Fundraising NOW ! Reg Charity 1105654 In looking to be part of building a more enlightened world where humans remember their dignity and show compassion and love to all others, regardless of sex, race, age, gender, disability or species; the Retreat finds the continued exploitation, abuse, bullying, violence against and murder of animals in today’s society totally degrading and unacceptable and work tirelessly to help the voiceless make it past the last chance. There are over 1250 animals at the retreat, the founders and volunteers rescue these animals from abuse, neglect … Continue reading

VEGAN KITCHEN – Banana Cakes and Sweet Breads – Old Made New

VEGAN KITCHEN – BANANA CAKES AND SWEET BREADS – OLD MADE NEW When we look for a dessert, the misdemeanor that its all about opulence, slapping the poor in the face with overpriced glucose fructose syrup and animal fat derived highway to diabetes dish is evident. Somewhere along the line, the idea that a “treat” is nothing unless involving a remortgage and coronary heart disease has taken hold. From skin shots of a topless Kardashian served in a million dollar bathtub of champagne, yes not even naked at a million dollars !! through to the 1.65 million diamond fruitcake, just to prove you … Continue reading

Mary had a Little Lamb – 1816 racism 2016 speciesism – JUST SAY NO !!!!

mary had a little lamb

Mary had a Little Lamb – 1816 racism 2016 speciesism – JUST SAY NO ! Violated rights – If you accept that animals have rights, raising and killing animals for food is morally wrong. An animal raised for food is being used by others rather than being respected for itself. In philosopher’s terms it is being treated as a means to human ends and not as an end in itself. This is a clear violation of the animal’s rights. MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB Mary had a little lamb, and she really didnt know, that her cute and cuddly … Continue reading

ZAINAB SHEIKH – in joy we remember, in sorrow we grieve – RUSTE IN VREDE

ZAINAB SHEIKH – in joy we remember in sorrow we grieve – RUSTE IN VREDE Zainab Sheikh, joined the project right at incept and coined the FISHINABOX catch phrase “Let’s do it Yeah !”. Her positive outlook and critical assessment in polishing her characters had ensured good authenticity in her parts. Her ability to fit into any diverse role has been tried and tested. The proof was in the pudding, Zainab voicing the part of the auditioning teen wannabee on SOLD the Album as well as the mistreated rape victim and the Pleading abandoned mother on MESSAGE IN THE SAND. … Continue reading

CITY SLICKERS – London White Collar Crime Scene – BANKING SCAM

drink and drugs at work

Report after Report, post bailouts to the Banking Sector 2015 and 2016 have been a wash with scandals and cover up’s over Financial Services. Investigations into critically weak financial controls in Drugs and Alcohol support Charities, British Banks handling vast sums of laundered Money, Drugs and Alcohol Testing on the rise in the workplace though apparantly not a workplace issue ? Despite this, and the constant “disappearing” evidence of studies and results based statistics damning the white collar de-personalising automon office culture, the self seeking need for decadence clearly continues to reign supreme –  85% of workers admit to being drunk … Continue reading

VEGAN KITCHEN – The Greatest thing since Sliced Bread !


  VEGAN KITCHEN – The Greatest thing since Sliced Bread !  There was once something so ful-filling , so spiritual in a fresh loaf of bread, the staple food basis of all civilizations since the raising of the pyramids, yet today as appetising as eating a roll of kleenex ! Bread is an unmitigated disaster in the UK these day’s, a tasteless grey misery, an ascetic’s dream and pitiful example of how far austerity had taken hold in abstinence from the normal pleasures of life, and sucking out all satisfaction all nourishment from the pantry. What nightmare is this laid out before me … Continue reading

LOBSTER LIBERATION – Take Action at a fish shop near you – LIVE EXPORT CRIMES


LOBSTER LIBERATION – Take Action at a fish shop near you – LIVE EXPORT CRIMES That moment, when you walk into a Chip shop, Fish restaurant, or counter because something doesn’t look right from the window and a live export crime is being committed on the sea or store front. Lobsters, mostly imported from Canada and the US find themselves in shop fronts in the UK. After rough transport, claw clamped and starved , they are set, hungry, on ice that burns and forces there muscles to stiffen horribly. There are kept among the rotting decaying gutted corpses of shrimps and … Continue reading

VEGAN KITCHEN – Super Simple Shepherd’s Lie (Shepard’s Pie)


VEGAN KITCHEN – Super Simple Shepherd’s Lie (Shepard’s Pie) We have been getting a bunch of messages in asking for more quick and easy meal planners. With that in mind we have added another belly filler, this one will get you snoozing all afternoon.  A Big meal for rainy days. The History – The first mention of the Shepherds or Cottage Pie was in 1791, by the Rev. James Woodford. Originally, a pie made with any kind of minced meat and mashed potato was called a “cottage pie”. In modern English, the dish is usually called “cottage pie” though the Irish also … Continue reading

VEGAN KITCHEN – Plantain Mash – Fire Pit Feasting 02

VEGAN KITCHEN – Plantain Mash – Fire Pit Feasting 02 A chance opportunity to pick up a job lot of plantains form the supermarket at 10 pence each and a scorcher of a summer day worked like a dream ticket to cooking up this meal. Nothing beats cooking on an open outdoor fire, always take the option if you can get it, whether a full meal or to use as part of the cooking process. the scents and odoriferous signatures of a fire pit permeate all levels of the cooking experience. Embrace it. Green plantains have a dry, starchy texture … Continue reading