FISHINABOX artist bio

FISHINABOX Draws on a global lifetime of musical exploration, driven by an all questioning agenda. The music puts a firm handle on the genres of modern jazz and electronics and fuses them seamlessly into primitive tribal fusion. This Fusion works downstream from source, embracing desire to explore the roots technic of all sound. Whether music, language, nature or digital, it is a journey into Tribal Rythum, African, Arabic and Indo-Asian Percussion and a constant and ever evolving study of linguistics and the musical application of vocal sound. An all embracing pursuit of Experimental World Vibration. The resulting melting pot of … Continue reading


NOSCE TE IPSUM CAST  & CREW – On the Billboard: Tina T / Carol Hodge / Kate Shortt / Kate Garner / Lucky 7 / Hala Georges / DJ SKYAAZ / Chip Ritter / Li Webster / Mencheng Yan / Jenny Zhao / Jim Dooley / Chase / IBoongza Neeranatpuree / Nicky Catterwell / Zainab Sheikh / Calvin Pert / Desmond Thomas / Bill Skinner / Fiona Luckie / 旅する写真家 / Kitty Kat / Handie Andie Kumafaro/ Penny Rimbaud / Wareef Bawadekji / Chase / Rishi Ultra Mundane / Alexander Oliver / Chase / Yomi Fatola / Jihao Yang / La Plume Noire / David Hone … Continue reading