LUCKY 7 Debut E.P. Get Lucky

LUCKY7 DEBUT E.P. GET LUCKY: Release DATE November 12th 2014

Urban Street Musical Graffiti. London East Acoustic Rap – EXPLICIT CONTENT


Street Sound Urban Busker Musical Graffiti London East Acoustic Rapper Docklands to Essex Club performer Lucky 7’s debut EP, Taking East London Vibe to the Masses. The Artist takes inspiration from many acoustic artists and influences mixing in comedy to sweeten the bitter pill of city life serious issues. Get Lucky is a sharp dose of city reality picking up the day to day up’s and downs that the rising generation face as they find there feet in an already over sold over done world.


Are you ready.
(Verse 1)
I’ll be getting down like I’m in the system of a
See me get down with the syndrome and your mother
I’ll be coming soon tell your sister tell your brother
Cos they ain’t seen nothing like it cos there ain’t no other
One that can do what I can do, and what you do to me I’ll do to you times 2
I’m Tommy two shits cos mine is always better, you might be a bus but I’m a fucking double decker
Are you ready
Are you ready
Are you ready
For what you’re about to receive
Are you ready
Are you ready
Are you ready
For me
(Verse 2)
You don’t even know what you wanna do
What I wanna be what I see’s right in front of me
When I’m gonna do it know I wanna do it properly
And hell I’ve been through it and I’m saying there’s no stopping me
All I wanna know is can you feel me
Any time you see me better know it is the real me
I need to make this music thing work cos working 9 to 5 well it’s damn near killed me
(Verse 3)
Going crazy like I’m over the cuckoos nest
Not doing it now but I know I gotta do my best
Long way to the top and I don’t know if I will reach
I haven’t reached my peak yet and no I’m not an idiot
Have a look at me and tell me what you see
Many people think they do but they don’t know me
Show me something that I’ve never seen before and I guarantee that I can show you something more

brokwen bottles NEW WEB

Broken bottles
Broken bottles on the floor
I think it’s time for me to clean up
But I don’t live here anymore
And still ain’t living life too clean cut
Sweeping under carpets
Wipe away the dust
I don’t know why I had to start it
If I was only gonna let it rust
Only gonna let it rust
Only gonna let it rust
Only gonna let it rust
(Verse 1)
Getting in at 8am on Sunday morning once again
My housemate asks me where I’ve been I say I really don’t know
I’ve been here and I’ve been there the whole time sitting in my chair
Now rolling up without a care I hope these feelings won’t go
Cos then it’s back to reality
So it can take another stab at me
I’ll just let my mind escape from gravity
Let it find its way and waver on the line of sanity, I’m saying man how can it be
That everything I’ve known and everything I’ve seen
Every way I’ve grown and everything I’ve seen
Should all amount to something but it makes no odds to me
Now let me tell you what I’m left with
(Verse 2)
I’m walking down the street with my hood up and my head down
I don’t wanna see a thing and I don’t wanna hear a sound
All I got is me and I ain’t got no place to be
I need to try think differently cos I just can’t get what I need
What is it I need and what is it I want
What is it you speak and what is my response
I take it day by day so I can just get through the months
But for now I’m still left with……………..

……….Broken bottles on the floor
Think it’s time for me to clean up
But I don’t live here anymore

03 webiste

Called her a cunt
(Verse 1)
My friend came up to me and he told me what he did last night, he said
I called my girl the worst thing I’ve ever said to her in my entire life
I asked him what he called her, he said, I was very blunt
I can’t believe that I said it, but I called her a cunt
Have you ever said that to your girl
Then I replied with a simple well
I called her a cunt at the station
I called her a cunt at home
I called her a cunt on the Internet
And I called her a cunt on the phone
I called her a cunt at the station
I called her a cunt at home
I called her a cunt in public
I always call her a cunt on my own
(Verse 2)
I called her a cunt in Columbia
I called her a cunt in Crete
I called her a cunt in the kitchen
I called her a cunt in the street
I called her a cunt in kfc
And I called her a cunt in the club
I called her a cunt as I k.m.t’d
But I called her a cunt with love
I called her a cunt over breakfast
And I called her a cunt at lunch
I called her a cunt over dinner
I always call her a cunt when we munch
I called her a cunt in the morning
And I called her a cunt at night
I call her a cunt in the daytime
I call her a cunt whenever I like
(Verse 3)
I called her a cunt at the farmyard
And I called her a cunt in the forest
I called her a cunt in a field
I even called her a cunt in the florist
I called her a cunt in the Caribbean
And I called her a cunt on the coast
I called her a cunt at the coliseum
Called her a cunting dry toast
I called her a cunt in the bath
And I called her a cunt in the shower
I called her a cunt for a minute
And I called her a cunt for an hour

With a cunt cunt here and a cunt cunt there
Here a cunt there a cunt everywhere a cunt x4
Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt


Curtain call
(Verse 1)
Let’s crack open a beer
By the end of the night no I won’t be seeing clear
But we’ve still got a few hours
So we can just sit and drink and chill right here
The Suns out and so are all the girls
Why don’t you come over here and let me rock your world
I know that might seem a bit far fetched
Cos you are like a golden throne and I am like a park bench
But fuck it tonight I’m getting on it and there’s not a person on the planet who can stop it
Cos I’m flying now and that’s a feeling I know won’t be dying out
Tonight, I’m losing all my senses
Tonight, is gonna be relentless
Tonight, I’m finding where the end is
Who would’ve thought that my first night would also be my last
(Verse 2)
Let’s make our way to the dance floor
But of course not before we go to the bar
You already know what I’ll ask for
And even though we’ve only gone yards we have gone too far
Cos Mandy and Richard are joining us and I hope you don’t mind
Let’s dance our way into the crowd and drink until we all go blind
I’m a man on a mission and my mission is accomplished
But I’m not gonna stop I’m gonna do some dumb shit
Like I always do, and now it’s time to go back to the room
But the party’s not done, we’ve still got more drink yes we’ve still got more fun
We’ve still got more hours until we see the sun
So for now let’s just enjoy
(Verse 3)
Now we’re back in the apartment partying as hard as when we first started
Before we’d even departed I took the stance that I won’t be going half hearted
And now I’m living up to that quest
Cos right now I’m a right royal mess
Richards laid out on the chest of drawers
And this nights been one of the best
But then things took a funny turn
Us likely lads will never bloody learn
Things in plain sight where they shouldn’t be
And through the window in came security
Caught in the act and not much we can do
We even offered them a back hander
Wiped it on the floor and asked them where’s the proof
Then on his vest he taps a fucking go pro camera
So that’s us on the first night ejected
Nothing we can now but accept it
One thing that we learned for certain
If you’re gonna do drugs then close the bloody curtain

05 website

(Verse 1)
I look outside, while looking in
I’m seeing new things, I’ve already seen
I’m going places, while staying put
I’m moving backwards while I’m stuck on my front foot
Getting Richard on the line
And gather up the shards
I’ve got the winning ticket this time
I’ve gone too far but I’ve only gone yards, but I’ve only gone yards
And they think I’ve taken it too far
But I’ve only gone yards
And they think I’ve taken it too far
But I’ve only gone yards
And they think I’ve taken it too far
But I’ve only gone yards
But I’ve only gone yards, yards
(Verse 2)
Wrap me up, in grace and sin
I’m at the end but where the fuck do I begin
Leave the queue, but tow the line
Crumbled silence, show me yours and I’ll show you mine

06 uopload

Swim that length
(Verse 1)
A stumble on a lead is what I call a power trip
A girl with eczema on her chest has truly got some cracking tits
I shit so hard and break the bowl that’s what I call a cracking shit
When I roll through I’m always shouting yo what’s crackalackin bitch
I’m black and rich, oh wait I’m not I’m fucking white and poor
The once abhorred is now adored and screaming out for more
The boards I walked the air I soared until I ended at your door
Upon arrival what I saw is that I needed something more
And that is not what you gave me
I didn’t know what to do
But then my boy he said something
And now I’m saying to you
Everybody come you gotta swim that length
Don’t nobody stop until you swim that length
Everybody jump in and just swim that length
I said swim that length you know swim that length x2
Tell me have you got the strength
To come with me and swim that length
(Verse 2)
Fuck jumping fences I’ll just run straight through em
Please forgive me father cos I know not what I’m doing
Actually I do and couldn’t give a single fuck
Which is possibly the reason why I’m shit out of luck
Take me up as I bring you down to my level
Where posh nosh is just a sandwich toasted on a brevvel
Like billy idol when I’m drunk I yell like a rebel
Now can you hold my drink while I dance with the devil
And he’s a very good dancer
Ask me to go slow but know I’ll surely go faster
Look at me I’m like dry wall I’m getting plastered
If you ask me what to do now this will be my answer
Take it one step further that is what it means
Take it past the furthest point you’ve ever been x2

07 upload

Yes no yes (the backslap song)
(Verse 1)
Now let me show these fools the way that is supposed to be
Best thing since sliced bread because I put it in a toaster, see
You must be joking me, to me you’re just a broken g
And I don’t give a fuck when I’m at home and I am toking cheese
I put bread up my arse and spit out toast
You’re full of gas while I am hotter than most
I ain’t trying to boast but I fucked your girl so hard
Next thing I knew man I was fucking her ghost
Phone fags wallet bus pass keys iPod check
Every time I go to leave the house, my god
The futures not bright or orange it’s odd
And you’ll never catch me slipping when you see me out on my tod
2 pennies in my pocket hoping they’ll mate
Because my monetary situation is in a dyer state
I don’t know where im going and I don’t believe in fate
But while you’re down there love can you just please fellate
Oh oh you don’t wanna backslap
You don’t wanna you don’t wanna you don’t wanna backslap x2
(Verse 2)
I rack myself a line and sniff up all the confidence
As the powder hits my throat Columbia gets compliments
An overwhelming feeling now to show my dominance
And I don’t think I’ll ever give a fuck about the consequence
Fuck crystal I wanna jagerbomb
You know there ain’t a vip list that my name be on
I drink tap water never evian
I don’t know French but I know I’m tres bien
F dot raser, Fraser or just call me strap man
Never actually held a strap but always armed with a backhand slap
Backslap have a smack from little jacks hand
Watch what you do you don’t want one across the back man
Leave me alone when I’m having a kip
Cos when I get woken up yes I can sometimes act a prick
If it becomes apparent that you need a pistol whip
That’s when I whip my weapon out and slap you with my dick
(Chorus x2)

Urban Street Musical Graffiti. London East Acoustic Rap

Due for Release November 12th 2014

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