CAPTIVITY KILLS – Global Protest日本 – EMPTY THE TANKS 捕獲、生体販売、拉致監禁に反対 

Empty the TANKS Head sheet

CAPTIVITY KILLS – Global Protest Day – EMPTY THE TANKS 日本 – 

世界同時デモ –  捕獲、生体販売、拉致監禁に反対 – エンプティー・ザ・タンクス『水槽を空にせよ』日本

This week has seen a lot of protest activity over Dolphin, Whale Captivity and hunting. Aside from the annual bloodbath and horror of the Faroes Pilot Whale slaughter; of note was this weeks Global “Empty the Tanks” demonstration which now includes a highly active protest team in Japan (home of the notorious Taiji Cove and main global supplier of Dolphins into captivity). The Empty the Tanks Demo runs annually on June 6th and is in it’s third year.


EMPTY THE TANKS 2015 united groups in 19 countries and 55 cities, from as far out as Dublin to Dubai, Vancouver, Rio, Paris, to Japan, Belgium, Budapest, South Africa and all over the USA, all  in one common cause, to bring the Captivity of Cetaceans to an end on clear ground of Ethics. The breakthrough this years was in Japanese Support under the helpful and dedicated guide of Dolphin Angels JAPAN.


Despite Global condemnation against the Industry, Japanese Government and Fisheries remain the main driver in favor of the support and continuation of dolphin hunting and captivity and officially rejects (without counter evidence) claims that Dolphin products are dangerous for Human consumption (Mercury poisoned) , and also disregards evidence (without counter investigation) showing drops in life expectancy, rising depression, pathology and suicide in Captive Cetaceans.  The Japanese Government Media Fishing Machine continues to aggressively shut down protest against Japanese profiteering from Cetacean mistreatment , citing grounds of public support and cultural rights.

世界規模の非難を受けているにも関わらず、日本政府と水産省はイルカ追い込み猟を支援し、 正式に(反証も無しに)イルカ肉商品が水銀濃度が高く人間の体に危険であるというクレームを(反証も無しに)拒否。水族館の水槽で飼われてるイルカや鯨の寿命が縮む事や、鬱病、自殺などの証拠を無視。日本政府はメディアを巧みに操作し、文化的権利と国民の支持を引き合いに出し、イルカや鯨の搾取に反対する抗議を攻撃的にシャットダウンし続けている。

Whats the problem with Dolphin / Whale Hunting and Captivity ?


FISHINABOX took at look at Dolphin Angels Japan 日本 who are driving the Empty the Tanks Campaign in Japan.

FISHINABOX は、Empty The Tanks Japan キャンペーンを先導しているドルフィン・エンジェル日本をみた!

Finding that the Government is not acting in the interests of the People of Japan, a number of aware citizens have been using Social Media to spread facts figures and concerns to the Japanese Public. As a result, despite exceptionally hard pressure from Security Services and laws that work against Protest in Japan;  Japanese People are starting to take to the streets against the industry.


Through a Global Cyber engagement campaign Dolphin Angels Japan 日本 have become the main gate to manage Japanese support on the ground, providing translation services and relaying, facts and information available in the west but otherwise suppressed by Main Media in Japan.


LIVING IN JAPAN ? Join the growing protest action


世界同時デモ –  捕獲、生体販売、拉致監禁に反対 – エンプティー・ザ・タンクス『水槽を空にせよ』日本

Japan’s Protest Group:

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