VEGAN KITCHEN – Samhain Pumpkin Pie – Pastai Pwmpen Nos Calan Gaeaf – Summers End – Organic Earth Celebration

Samhain Pumpkin Pie – Pastai Pwmpen Nos Calan Gaeaf – Summers End – Organic Earth Celebration

……and so here it is, Summers End and Sauin is done, we all survived the gwrachod, Hwch Ddu Gwta and the ladi wen heb ddim pen and all other manner of Y Tylwyth Teg to wake on todays morn again and so here we are……

Harvest’s are all done and though there is still food in the ground  we will start winding it down as we go through fall in to Winter. The days are long and the fire is getting stoked.  I heard today that the 1st of November is also Global Vegan day, so I logged on to see how they define that in the movement these days and this is what they have to say…

World Vegan Day is celebrated every year on November 1. World Vegan Day, aimed at spreading awareness among people about the advantages of a vegan diet on health and well-being, is celebrated every year on November 1. On this day, vegan organizations promote the environmental and health impacts of the vegan diet.


Well I am all in favour of spreading awareness about veganism as a ethical concern, i.e. so that mammals, sea life and crustaceans, insects etc don’t get the chop shop or enslavement on an ethical vegan watch, though all this hyperbole about promoting environmental and health impacts may well be out of step with an RBE ethical Vegan lifestyle, for most of what the “internet” calls vegan is really just monocropping into corporate plant based options “suitable for vegans”, suitable for anyone who doesn’t want other beings to be exploited, but yea suitable for vegans…

Humans that eat animals are not bothered about mold resistant soya crop taking on 5 full round up treatments per cycle when it comes to fattening cows, pigs and the like when it is used as animal feed (which is every meal) in the concentration camps, until of course, you says the word “vegan”, then they are all over it like that just got a PhD in ethics and

They may well be all over it, but they do nothing in response to it,. so they don’t count. Walk the walk, don’t talk the talk.. everyone’s got lots to say.. its just white noise if it improves nothing..

so on the subject of people having a lot to say, let me carry on, so promoting a monocrop corporate plant based diet cannot really be called healthy or good for environmental  pressures, but it does stop the animal holocaust and the consumer new nazi that condemns other species from birth, a life of suffering up to a horrific death in the factory faming camps… perhaps they should just say that, veganism is about not hurting animals, not about pea protein and deforestation drops, because its really the only reason , to basically NOT destroy a mother and thier babies life…

Anyway all that aside,. this year the Global Vegan movement says lets celebrate by baking a pie, something to do with “Holland Pies, a 169 year old pie maker going back further than Sweeny Todd, celebrating world vegan day for the first time”..

Well that’s all nice but what’s’ in everyone’s pies ?

Who Knows ? Khubi Kushi Khabi Gaum….What’s important here is what’s in OUR pie..

Well over here the big event lined up with my Sauin Pumpkin Pie baking day and seeing as it’s a pretty clean pie with some key organic power food ingredients,. I thought to share it step by step to get you folk thinking about getting as many of your ingredients out of the ground rather than off the checkout line..

Not all.. because some you simply can’t really do much with, pastry and flour  etc, unless you are a grower and a miller…. the thing is,. its the season for coughs and sneezes, and this recipe shores you up against all that as we go into fall and winter. So here it is.. So what’s in our pie then?

Stuff from the ground: A couple of Pumpkin guts, seed sorted and chopped up, a bowl of bug free nettles, a  snail a grub and a load of nettle mites got painstakingly brushed off, some swiss chard

(the seeds you can either dry and keep for replanting, or parboil and then roast in pink salt as snacks)

Stuff from the free food network: (I will do a post at some point about the free food network, donated, recycled, gifted, corporate waste) The spice rack – Tumeric, Madras curry powder, some vegetable gravy granules, black pepper and garlic, A large battered tin of Kidney Beans and a tin of tomato and basil soup

Stuff we bought using that archaic stuff called Money: Himilayan Iodine rock salt, yes it got delivered to this country in a diesel powered hauler ship, but then I don’t have much of an issue with Diesel in itself (WHAT !!!) see previous post on plastic waste reclaim fuel before you shit your pants over that. Oh and ready roll pastry from the house of sin itself “Tesco” because i simply ran out of time to go to the old watermill in Welyn Garden City and pick up organic milled flour to make it myself, though I do recommend looking for a local organic mill yourself if you have time for all that lovely artisan type of stuff.

Enough talk. Time to cook

The easiest way to follow a recipe really comes down to pictures , lots of pictures , step by step, a case of you simply do what i do and you get what i get..

Felly gadewch i ni ddechrau. Mae’r Her ymlaen! Rydyn ni i gyd yn hoffi pasteiod, felly gadewch i ni ddechrau! In the catch phrase of dearly loved and lost FISHINABOX collective member Zainab Sheikh (RIP 13/11/2016) – “Let’s do it yeah !”

Samhain Pumpkin Pie – Pastai Pwmpen Nos Calan Gaeaf

Bit of oil in the pan and cook down your garden gathered organics and spices firstly. People like less salt  / more salt, less curry / more curry,, etc etc well you spice to preferred taste and then you will all be happy on making the best pie for you.

Use gloves for the nettles, a nettle sting is actually pretty good for you as it regulates your histamines which means a sting a day keeps all hay fever away, but its miserable when preparing nettles , so yea wear some gloves….

So pan is on, stir stir , get it all on the heat, then add your free food / food bank / corporate waste /  whatever bits to the mix.

We try to NOT pay for food, because in an RBE the goal is for all food to be free, along with everything else, and any way you can avoid supporting corporate retail profit margins is a step in the right direction.

So if you kept it hot until the Pumpkin’s soft then next its time to drain it. You need to get as much liquid out of the mix before it goes into the pie pastry or it is water weight. Its good to stir and strain it until it stops dripping as this makes an AMAZING super nutritious Pumpkin Soup 🙂

So you have your Pumpkin Soup, You have your seeds too and now you have your Pumpkin Pie filling

Feeling lazy ?

You can use the Tesco ready roll (vegan) pastry or if you have another 5 minutes to spare,  then just make your own pastry and save a little in your purse. The pastry is  simply plain flour, vegan margarine (a wooden spoons worth), a bit of vegetable oil and salt.

Mix it , kneed it, then roll it out with a rolling pin. Pictures below show both  home made pastry and ready roll, but the result is the same. Either way when pastry is ready, roll it out , stuff it and wrap it for the oven.

You can decorate the pastry in all sorts of ways, using a flat fork leaves a good design at times. I didn’t bother to do anything except pinch the tops. Some pies be fancy, and some be just pies see…


paint the tops with a bit of plant milk then its ready.

Pop it in the oven gas mark 5, have a cup of tea. have another one, read a book maybe write a letter, mother things are getting better, but don’t forget to check the pie and when its browned off on the top and seems and you are also  browned off from checking it over and over again then take it out and let it cool..

Keep making them until you run out of mixture.

I managed to get three good long full sized pies from my ingredients in batch one and two more in batch two.

and that’s pretty much all there is too it,. let the pies cool , if not eating at home and need them for travel then wrap them in grease proof paper, tie off with a string and good to go anywhere on your journey with you.

One final point on the Welsh Gaelic for Samhain, So the Brittonic branch of the Celtic languages, Samhain is known as the “calends of winter”.  The Brittonic lands of Wales (Cymru), Cornwall, and Brittany hold festivals on 31 October similar to the Northern Gaelic (Scotland and Ireland) ones.  In Wales it is called Calan Gaeaf (Nos Kalan Gaeaf) , in Cornwall it is Allantide or Kalan Gwav, and in Brittany it is Kalan Goañv.

The nuances of difference between northern and for want of a better term, southern Gaelic, are actually as a result of  interventions from watering down pagan celebrations through unforgiving Christian domination and Norman, Frankish, Anglo Saxon and English social pressure to push out the Brittonic cultures as a means of control, as far as, for extended periods of time,  banning the use and speech of the Gaelic language in Wales, which has had an effect on how culturally the ceremonies of the pagan wheel have, in part, changed over time in the southern Gealic regions.

Not to worry though.

not to worry,.

Fe godwn ni eto 😉 …….Enjoy the pies








FIVE STEPS TO FREEDOM – Step 4 FREE Medicine – Yarrow

FIVE STEPS TO FREEDOM – Step 4 FREE Medicine – Yarrow

So the Five Steps the freedom program,.

Basically an exit program to a life off grid and fully self sustainable , money free living and off all state register and rolls. Its a big change program and takes a while to implement, though in short it is split into five core sections.

Section 4 is “free medicine” and comprises of a huge natural medicine apothecary for everything from cuts, bruises, broken bones and muscle tears to managing and improving mental health, to control and in places eradiction of debilitating disease, infections , preventative medicine, auto immune and anti system response to toxic poisoning from the state (air, water, food, pharma) and improved strength and stamina.

The post only looks at one herb. Over time we will attempt to put other core herbs and treatments in, though in reality this is a live training program delivered on the ground in an apothecary apprentice type course, over several months.  Complex processes such as making penicillin have some restrictions country to country, as well as certain key plant medicines and extracts (unexpectedly but yea government happens to ruin common sense all over) being controlled in certain places and for certain concentrations and uses.

Anyway, the simple easy herbs can get put out in posts like this and its just up to you to start using these and swap them in instead of pharma treatments which all need to really be swopped out for a successful transition to the a vegan resource based lifestyle.

A huge volume of knowledge on health is intrinsically tied into diet and lifestyle so all of that can be gleaned pretty much from works such as Dr Michael Gregor’s “How not to Die” huge tomb of health illness and treatments. So for content that is simply easy to pull from that , we wouldn’t bother covering that on the site.

So for the complex plant medicine, these are things we need to spend time together on to deliver and generally we reserve our time for folk who already have your head around the moral codes laid out in the Free World Charter , be ethically vegan for the animals and been exiting or trying to exit the moneytist system as these folk will form a vegan resource based community around shared knowledge and be operating on the same program and level.

If you are not at that point in your life yet, then best to first get onto the 5 steps program in your personal life and get your self to that point through learning and practicing the earlier steps of the program, ethics, free food, power and fuel first. You can reduce your overheads relatively easily, explore complete self ownership of your diet and energy supply which is a benefit to everyone.

Want to look at the program and get an immersion into what we represent ? Here’s the link to the 5 steps to freedom overview.

Don’t EXIT through the gift shop – the 5 steps to Freedom

Foraging wild yarrow and making yarrow powder

So Yarrow, Common Yarrow,  what’s it going to fix ?


Been in battle ?
Fallen down a Cliff ?
Cut yourself on machinery ?

WE would pack the wound with yarrow powder

Yarrow is known as an astringent herb that simply just stops bleeding. When you wonder on all those period dramas, from Vikings to Excalibur and how the characters the actors were depicting managed to get back on the battle, or sipy survive endless brutal wounds, yarrow would be right in there.  Its ability to heal and close a wound comes mostly from alkaloid achilleine, which activates the coagulation of blood, leading to a wound closing up fast..

Evergreen state college and the national institute of Health reference research studies from the 1950’s findings that half a milligram of achilleine per 1kg of body weight can reduce the time it takes a wound to clot by 32%, these tsts were recreated this year with confirming same / similar results.

Yarrow activates the blood platelets in the affected area which in turn reduces risk of infection because the platelets  form a protective layer to keep the body protected from infection-causing bacteria. It has powerful anti-microbial properties effectively killing the bacteria when it is applied to the wound.

The natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of this herb make it ideal for use on cuts and burns, accelerates recovery and reduces swelling and infection

The below links expand in depth on the propoerties , history and various methods of preparation of the herb. for us , get stuck in,,wound%20to%20clot%20by%2032%25.

how do we prepare it ?

We cut it dry it in a de humidifier then run it through a nutri bullet , and pop it in a sealed jar .

disclaimer , it’s a great herb, but you might not be a great host, so do your double checks before you do what we do. After all , . as Gandalf Saïd … ” who is the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him ?”

Don’t EXIT through the gift shop – the 5 steps to Freedom

Don’t EXIT through the gift shop – the 5 steps to Freedom

01 – FREE Food

02 – FREE Fuel / Power

03 – FREE Shelter

04 – FREE Medicine

05 – FREE Education

We have had a lot of requests to clarify the 5 steps to freedom and pointers on how to achieve from our system change program in 2019-2020, despite having ended our own projects, we agreed to post this summary of the 5 key steps for change. Most of these steps were dealt with on projects in details during our program though hopefully for those that were not able to engage then, you will find the pointers needed here.

So where next Columbus ?

…being vegan is just the moral baseline, it’s doing no harm or as little harm as we can but it’s nothing to be celebrated, it’s only the first slice of the pie. To really make a difference in this reality we need to engage in a resource based economy, not by joining this hub, or that project, but by networking our own freedom program. We have the free world charter which says it all but has no action plan for engagement . That is down to you to build, system change happens if you make it happen and only if you make it happen, no other way. Build the vegan resource based economy , build the free food highway and the people’s power network, or all that we try to do is meaningless…” (A.H.Kumafaro)

Struggling to see a way out of the rat race ? Recognising you don’t want to be there unlocks the door to leaving. It is down to you though to turn the key and make the change.

Not everyone can see the benefit of, or way to engage in system change, for the betterment of all beings, that’s ok, it just means that not everyone will be part of it. We have seen people , even volunteers,  struggle with the simplest of moral baselines and freedom concepts.

A lifetime starting with mothers pre-school values of sharing, caring and playing together is soon stamped out and ended by state education values of compete, snitch, bully and cheat, followed by voting for this war that war, this hate campaign that hate campaign, this tax cut that tax cut but never one for you, 40 years of jobs, pushing little buttons and pulling little knobs to pay the money god who takes everything and gives nothing, creates almost unassailable conditions in the mind to ensure most will just sit and rot in the cage of reality asylum that nearly all live in.

Don’t get caught, Don’t get bought,. Don’t EXIT through the gift shop. EXIT on your own terms. Whatever they are selling, nothing is as valuable as your divine human energy, your time, your life.

For those that are though seeking to be free here are the five steps to freedom and pointers on where to go and how to go about achieving them. Completion of these five steps ensures that you are able to live outside the system and will be able to pursue a meaningful creative and forward thinking existence.

The five steps to freedom are the practical solutions to being completely autonomous and cost free living from the state, combined with the ethics of the Vegan Resource Based Economy as outlined in the Free World Charter (Link below) is the moral baseline to any meaningful human existence on earth will build you a knowledge base and ethics

The moral baseline

Once you have the moral baseline, which is a pretty basic commitment to not cause harm to others, also known more popularly as ethical veganism, it is time to unlearn what the state has taught you and this comes from separating the real intrinsic value of how we live and what we do from the commercial monetised value or objectification and product.  Discard the latter and empathise with the former.

If life gives you lemons ? If the world grows you a lemon tree, in the VRBE we nurture the tree, harvest the lemons, use them to clean our homes as detergent and to activate charcoal to filter rain water and drink clean harvested free water. If you loose your job in the Monetised world and end up at the food bank and they give you lemons, use them to clean your house as detergent and to activate charcoal to filter rain water and drink clean harvested free water, congratulations you have made one step forward towards the VRBE.

Most though, even given the opportunity of unemployment, would still chose to ignore the lemons, drink the tap water, pay your water rates and chase a new job and that is what separates those that are open to change and those that are not, as Darwin quoted – It is not the strongest of the species that survive but rather the most versatile.

Lemons aside.. the 5 steps to freedom are as follows and we will tackel each one individually as few can tackle even two of them at once.


You need to eat, and you need to eat ethically (see free world charter) to engage positively and successfully in the VRBE. This means that you need to grow, it takes time to prepare ground, plant and provide a strong permanent all year round diet so first steps are nutrition and ground work.

The easiest nutrition guide for all ages, that can be learned, taught and shared we found is the Liz Cook charts and book, popularly promoted and used in the Centre for Alternative Technology, both i have listed here as in addition to food and nutrition, the CAT as they call themselves, will be a good contact spot for ideas and support as you move forward in the 5 steps program.

Liz Cooks Nutrition resources:

Centre for Alternative Technology:

Nutrition is important and is mis taught in state school, is mis represented in the NHS websites and is outdated and does not take into consideration , pollution, medication, poisoning, disease and deformity in the Animal Agriculture food chain, so unlearn all that unless you want to eat enslaved and mistreated animals with sores, cancers, cysts, infections, coronaviruses, poisoning, fetid decay and pharmaceuticals. So what about Fruit and Vegetables ? Green and clean ? well no, unfortunately not, shop bought crops are sprayed in raw sewage, Nano toxins, pesticides and water infected with fluoride, polio heavy metals and all manner of water borne misery.

If you wonder why the NHS would promote carcinogenic and sickness developing recipes and food recommendations on their website, then remember this simple statement – the “Health” Service ensures its longevity and profit lines, not by making people better, but on the contrary, by ensuring there continued sickness and wherever possible, continued consumption of pharmaceutical product.

Once you have got your head around basic nutrition you can look at taking it further with diet programs such as “Raw till 4” but it is not an essential step for VRBE just something to improve energy levels, performance and health which becomes more relevant in step .04 FREE Medicine.

Once Nutrition basics are in place though then we can prepare on the ground change to what you eat through what you grow. One of the biggest blockers we found in rolling out ground change programs was people living in flats or even on barge boats.

We were able to provide some support for flats, though the obvious issue is lack of reasonable growing space, for flat dwellers or recommendation was to engage with local growing projects to learn the ground skills such as “Grow to Eat”, “Vegan Permaculture Workshop” , “Woodland Woom” and “Crops not Shops”, though bear in mind that growing groups may not have an ethical mission statement that aligns fully with the ethical veganism of the Free World Charter, they may use pest control which destroys the biosphere, animal product such as fertilisers which of course carry the list of poisoning noted in the above and may not have the VRBE base moral commitment as laid out in the free world charter.

EXAMPLE of community growing project:

All that aside, the morals are down to each one of us to commitment to and promote so know the moral baseline but learn the growing skills.

For barge and canal folk we were able to get a program in place to use the river banks for potatoes, onions, nettles chard, spinach, figs, apples, pears  which were good with irregular watering and blended well on the banks attracting little attention and for river folk to grow micro greens on the boats, small, energy boosting and good in small spaces.

The second part of the solution for those in flats is to seek to relocate , by hook or by crook to a property with ground space, whether shared or owned or provided by local authorities which has happened in some growing projects to support the community. get your self to own ground.

Once you have ground space then go here and set up your space:

This link provides pretty much everything you need to set up all year round growing in any UK property with a garden space, from composting, initial set up, seasonal work and managing what you grow to harvesting.

02 – Free Fuel / Power

Fuel and power covers everything from hot water to diesel fuel. Obviously solar and wind generators are crucial to the power set up for homes though some of the load can be reduced by employing other techniques worth looking into here, with that in mind i have added some links and broken this down in to subsections:

Power : for the home

What type of Power and Where do you get it ? How do you get it ? What should you get and why ? Should you gut to insulate ?

We have taken extensive time looking at a number of energy solutions for you to explore in Free Fuel/Power, there are several options that are less accessible or practice though will touch on them here for diversity:

  • Bio Mass – Applicable to House, outbuildings, can be used for Agriculture though NO vehicle application  – wood pulp/ chip burnt in a off grid burner, very efficient , responsible cost effective though required buying form a corporate point of supply and locks you into a designated fuel source. sourcing your own wood fuel chipping/ pulping is an issue as the fuel is stored cured and delivered at an optimum level of moisture etc so that it burns efficiently, fueling the burner with untreated or self treated wood chip leads to residue and clogging to the burner and equipment that required increased maintenance or break down. very efficient and can get you off grid but you are still tied financially to a supply chain (Global Corporancy NOT RBE) The solution to the Bio Mass model is to back track, still using wood fuel but back track to wood burning stoves and rocket oven solutions
  • Bio Gas – Applicable to House, outbuildings, agriculture, vehicles (via charging point)- Bio gas is driven by organic matter, waste, very useful for recycling house waste though the issue here again, like Bio Mass was clean fuel, you have to use a converter , which can be found in a home unit application, though reliable units are still in their infancy. large Bio Gas converters are excellent for animal waste processing, though housing animals to provide an accessible and collectible waste source requires unethical animal agriculture learning toward exploitation, which is out of step with Urban RBE .
  • Solar – Applicable to House , outbuildings, agriculture, vehicles (via charging point) – Solar provides good return during daylight hours though is impacted by cloud cover and changing seasonal weather. There is also potential drop in output (though currently their are no statistics relating to impact) from geoengineering that reduces the amount of solar energy travelling through the atmosphere. Solar though is an excellent and stable power source. Output can be improved by investing in better yield panels and reducing load on the system.
  • Wind – Applicable to House, outbuildings, agriculture, vehicles (via charging point) – Wind turbines subject to wind speeds, provides a good return though can create issue in densely populated areas due to noise levels from larger blades and turbines. Yield can be improved with stronger turbines and blade types. An alternative to Wind Turbines  are Wind Cubes, favored by the late Michael Green. As the wind passes through the Wind Cube covering, it becomes concentrated resulting in increased velocity that leads to more power generation, it is a better design for output and quieter for urban areas, though is relatively new and in limited distribution, so a developing power source rather than immediately available everywhere .

Our Favorites: 

Rocket Ovens: describes the Rocket Oven as: “A rocket oven is better than any other kind of oven. It does not have associated with it, the consequences of electric or natural gas ovens, which cause so much destruction and pollution by the nature of their fuel source. In comparison to a conventional wood fired cook stove or cob oven, a rocket oven burns clean and uses far less wood. The key component is the super insulated J tube burn tunnel. This allows the fire to get up to 1500 degrees F, which will burn all of the smoke and creosote. The heat then travels to the oven portion of the system where it heats the food. The oven portion can be designed so that the flue gases either interact with the food or not. The heat flows around the oven chamber, heating the insulated mass that surround the food. The coldest air flows out through the exhaust and up a chimney. Being insulated allows the oven to stay hot for a long while after the fire has finished burning. This design is made for indoor use but it could be used outdoors as well. A rocket oven is cleaner, more energy efficient, better for the environment and easier to fuel.”

Rocket Ovens are not the only worthwhile source of heating / cooking to look at. The most accessible system exit solution is an off grid corporation fitted solar / wind combination system to generate electricity powered more standard build, see the below link for battery storage and sourcing of efficient units

Other hot water / heating solutions  that we personally prefer are wood fired ovens, whether argor’s or open fire place with coiled copper piping flues, the main issue with this solution  for hot water is that the copper coils become pressurised so much have a pressure release value/ tank, if you build the system with a pressure release tank exporting to an insulated water tank (like we used to have before combi boilers) then you have some hot water storage in place and don’t have to limit usage to what’s available in the pipe.

techniques for copper coiling, bear in mind this is just the copper coiling , not the pressure management, that is to follow

Hot Water – in our projects our hot water source models came from Bio Gas sources on an animal sanctuary recycling animal waste to avoid building up a slurry of waste at the site. Waste through biogas comes out as natural gas with a by product of ready to ground fertilizer. The fertilizer is non acidic and much cleaner than using manure so can go straight on to ground, the gas with a tune can go straight to water heater boiler and drive showers. It is an excellent solution of you have available animal waste and in a future paradise, every home toilet could be fitted with a mini biogas engine for processing human waste straight to house gas without any waste product going to sewage whatsoever. during out projects we partnered with Economad and UCL for technical expertise and would recommend anyone looking to build a high volume engine to look at partnerships and grants to do so, rough cost to fund a high capacity Bio Gas engine (say two properties hot water system) would require an outlay of around 8k GBP.

Our more humble but preferred basic solution to hot water see’s us return to an adaption on the Rocket Oven idea being a Rocket oven water heater. This method is a firm favorite for zero cost in making hot water whilst doubling up with cooking, heating in an efficient established design.


Solar – 

We have covered Solar in great detail in previous posts, the recommendation is to source your battery banks using reclaimed lithium batteries as shown below and over fit for higher than need capacity; be off grid completely.

Fitting knowledge can be acquired through renewables engineering study, or you can, pre off grid. focus on raising funding to buy in a system out of the box.

Building your own off grid solar power system is obviously a first deliverable though the purpose of shared power requires networking your solution to others. The VRBE solution to ending corporate domination of the energy market likes in shared power systems called the People’s Power Network.

Insulation ? – Absolutly recommend insulation  though we do not as yet have a fully insulated site so are still in research stage for best solution.

So far we would recommend a superFOIL full box (floor, wall, roof) insulation though bear in mind the following, you will need to allow airflow of around 50mm between superFOIL and floor/walls to manage humidity, in addition a full box will provide EMF / RF dampening which WE seek to achieve. Communications , where required, for us, would always be outside and isolated from main living areas, as we seek to isolate all forms of non ionizing radiation from living areas simply for personal comfort and a clear head,.

Alternatives for insulation, if you don’t want EMF / RF dampening in your living space, or cannot get your living space realistically box insulated due to, well living in it and being stuffed to the seams,  well you are back to the old school loft insulation .

WHICH website takes you through the old school options in the below link:

Fuel – Vehicles OK, but what about Generators ?: We have covered plastic waste reclaim fuel for vehicles, it is important to note though that it is uneconomic in terms of fuel energy consumption to create waste plastic fuels for generators. The purpose of creating fuel  from plastic waste for vehicles is to have vehicle mobility without financial outlay, though you will expend higher resource of wood fuel to create diesel / petrol so pointless to use this for generators.

take a look at distilling fuel from waste for VEHICLES here:

and here is the process mapped out to better understand what you are trying to achieve.


Shelter , for our projects, is what people struggle with most of all, it requires the biggest outlay whether through paying down mortgage debt, securing funding for land either on your own or collectively or converting what assets you have to sufficient value  to purchase a site that can can provide security long term.

The freedom is not in being offered shelter at this time, it is in securing shelter that is free of ongoing system commitments either financially or through supply such as water or power once the sites are financially secured.

the program looks for people that are seeking to exit system dependency and invest what remaining financial assets they have into land and equipment assets then committing that or elements of that into collective share for the benefit of all engaged parties with no fiancial exchange

The issues of nomad life, van life, squatting are that any power or food systems are constantly low out put / size and potentially due to mobility and security, at risk. Unfortunately due to a system committed voting and tax paying majority, our land has lords and there is no way around establishing a permanent scaled VRBE abode without securing land rights from land owners and becoming a land owner your self.

We have seen people accelerate the process of land acquisition by moving out to Central Europe, United States and Central America basically cashing in UK assets for cheaper accommodation overseas.

Once your land debt is paid, by whatever means, you have established free shelter, so far there have not been any successful VRBE community sites that are in line with the free world charter due to participants not respecting the moral base line. there are though many communities out there that have elements which may be open to ethically upgrading though we , personally, would not engage with unethical partnerships for shelter.

Our feed back on Shelter generally is that people do not want to share resources, the values of care share and together that we are all taught to behave by in kindergarten or as a toddler at home, have all but been forced out of  adults we have engaged over the concepts of the program when it comes to Shelter.

State education has all but eradicated the values of community and mutual assistance, which is why the VRBE has to be tied to such a clear moral baseline. There are choices for humans in life, to either get rich or try sharing.

The future of humanity’s evolution as well as the value or not, of any ongoing existence of humanity comes down to that simple choice. Greed, selfishness, single view living are Devolving Qualities whereas sharing, caring , engaging and working together are Evolving qualities.

The VRBE is an evolving program, whereas the system, as it stands in it’s pyramid power structure, is a devolving program.

The next steps with Shelter are to make the abode as energy efficient as possible, for this reaching out to Utility Free Living and consultancies such as Bioregional (Links and features below) will provide some excellent ideas to making this possible



The first aim in FREE SHELTER is to create self-sufficient buildings, whether using water and sewage waste grey water systems, or renewables only energy consumption and independent off grid from any utility.

The second aims to build communities though collective reinvestment or shared resource donations that can benefit from programs such as the Peoples power network (hence the Elmsbrook feature above showing that this second objective can be achieved commercially so there is no reason why it cannot be achieved through a collective investment from VRBE)

Some of the techniques shown here in the Manchester project, such as the linked sink to toilet system (grey water recycling) is shown here,  it also touches on airflow instead of central heating and this kind of work can be done on a much lower budget than discussed in the below link, though interesting to see this in a restoration of a Victorian property.


The corner stone of VRBE medicine is preventative health. This starts with the basic ethics which puts people on a vegan lifestyle but then expands to home growing (free food) so basically toxin free organic food . both of these steps are covered in detail in the documentary (Netflix) – What the Health

Once the basics of better cleaner food for our bodies has been addressed, the next steps are understanding the medicine of plants and the use of herbs and tinctures to boost immune system and prevent illness.  Plants such a Herb Robert and Ginger have a huge variety of health boosting properties.

For FREE medicine we start with recommending Dr Michael Gregor’s book   ,  This is essential practical life knowledge that needs to be put in to practice daily/

FREE medicine also follows the premise that most psychological struggles that people face are tied to their living circumstances and interaction with the state.

Where exiting the state for freedom based living and improved health function and nutrition doesn’t resolve core medical concerns, a deeper use of plant medicine can be sought, such as

Reference books:

– Wild Remedies – How to Forage Healing Foods and Craft Your Own Herbal Medicine

– The Herbal Remedy Handbook

– Tonics and Teas (Rachel de Themple)

These books are selected as they focus on foraging mainly and core basic remedies. As the ground and growing process moves forward, essential herbs can be introduced easily so these form a good selection for basic herbology.

There are other medicinal , more powerful herbal remedies of course that people can explore in greater details for specific conditions, though these can be approached in people’s own medicinal journey’s subject to need.

For example the below link looks at remedies for anxiety for example

Also related to health, is cleanliness, natural solutions to cleaning products, disinfectants , shampoos , washing products.

05 – FREE Education

The most notable part of FREE education is all of the above, the knowledge of how to live outside of system dependency and control in every way realistically possible. Following that is the knowledge of the seasons, how to read the land, the skies and any changes therein, the actual state education program of say mathematics, language, history, science etc is extremely basic though what stands out is that all knowledge relating to nature and the environment we live in is excluded from core curriculums all over the country and it is this that is telling.

There is no interest in state education circles in building genuine support for the principles laid out in the Free World Charter which are essential for human society to live, not only harmoniously in the world but also to take responsibility for human society, to shepherd, and nurture a world for all beings to flourish in.

Within the private education sector, there is some scope for these value sets, though private education is not accessible for all. With that in mind and within the five steps to freedom, is a commitment to educate our young folk not only in retaining the values of care share and together, in embracing our moral baseline of ethical veganism and global stewardship and responsibility as laid out in the Free World Charter ,but also in the knowledge of food and fuel, power and shelter, in herb, and medicine.

The differences between Ethical Vegan Resource Based Economic education program and state education programs –

1 – Ethical Vegan values are the core morals for all, rather than including veganism as part of state educations diversity program
2 – RBE promotes the values of sharing, caring and team engagement for the benefit of building an ethical alternative society through shared resources rather
than the values of competition, tested grading and preparation for standard working life
3 – RBE education is home, family led through supporting engagement rather than eductor lead by institutions

To close , please review these links and consider whether you want to break the mould that society has cast you in, and instead of the Get Rich Me myself and I culture of all governments and state institutions , take the ideology of the VRBE onboard and get back to Care, Share and together, these are values for not only for us, but are first thought in all our relationships with others, whether human , animal or the world we share  and in our commitment to reject and push back all that do not meet the simple moral baseline that is laid out in the Free World Charter.


So long and thanks for all the tofish – 1984 No More

So long and thanks for all the tofish – 1984 No More…

FISHINABOX RECORDS Creative Collective finally disbanded in 2019 following the passing of Michael Green and prior to that Zainab Sheikh.

The remaining members of the group had been engaged in both community action and creative projects and music re-releases from time to time, tailing off in late 2020 for the most part, despite the end of the project, the collective decided to leave the page open, for any contact reasons or potentially amazing ideas worth a looking at in the “no future” that we now exist in .

The Collective, was part of the unity movement under the values of the free world charter and to the active delivery of community development programs to build ethically sound action groups.

The Collective was directly opposed to all forms of government and institutional social governance, manipulation and exploitation of animals earth and humanity, profit based manipulation, exploitation and corporate dominance or any other form of one-upmanship and elitism that has been founded from a pyramid power structure.

The Collective community action sought to find a better way and the ability to engage and inspire others equally to support and invest in the resource based economy change program .To ensure folk had a way to stop their dynamic human energy being traded for something as fundamentally creatively limiting, and, pointless as the pursuit of money, banality and garbage and to instead find a way to invest their collective energies directly in positive global change.

The Collective, Calgary to Beijing, Bangkok to Damascus, Gaza to London, Hong Kong to Las Vegas, Manchester to Montana, Tehran to Tokyo, Shanghai to Amsterdam was a global, diverse, multilingual, multiracial, sociable, ethically driven, questioning and engaging, and advocate for the programs of vegan permaculture and growing, the RBE Network, the free world charter, utility free living and the peoples power network.

So Where next Columbus ?

A few pointers on this post to check out, look into them, don’t look into them, it’s all about you now.

Any last words ? Well,  Just the obvious that seems to be constantly overlooked..


There is no authority but yourself.

It’s all about YOU and what YOU do now.

So long and thanks for all the tofish – 1984 No More

MESSAGE IN THE SAND double vinyl picture disc SYRIA10 YEARS ON

FISHINABOX presents MESSAGE IN THE SAND double vinyl picture disc SYRIA10 YEARS ON

To raise awareness once again for Syria 10 years of conflict, FISHINABOX has rolled out a double vinyl picture disc release of MESSAGE IN THE SAND. The discs are pressed in heavy 180g vinyl record for strength and durability to last longer and resist warping and breakage.

The Album follows the journey of refugees out of war torn Syria into the border region camps and finally passing into Iran before resettlement as part of the refugee relief program. Based on and around real story’s and events the Album aims to raise awareness largely ignored and taboo subject of the plight of Refugees. While all Media focuses on the Political Religious Sectarian disputes in the conflict Message in the Sand focuses on the flight, traffic and journey of the victims of war, the people. both in the War Zone through to the Camps, and finally to the current Journey’s end, (re-housed overseas)

The story of the victims of War is a constant global issue. The album could have been focused on any number of conflicts, Chechnya or Yugoslavia, or Rwanda and many many other places. It has happened in history time and time again,. Syria is currently the battleground of warlords and power seekers and there story commands the Media. It is for this reason that the Story centers on Syria’s refugees, the silenced ones, the discarded, the ignored.

This Album is not an attempt to judge, take sides, claim right and wrong, be Political in anyway.

The unfortunate truth for the Refugee is that often there is as much danger in fleeing a war as in being a victim of the conflict on the field. Music is the universal language that all people speak and it is this hope that the message in the sand will be carried forward to all.

As well as featuring stunning album art on the picture discs, the release comes in blank black or white double record sleeve with stencils to spray paint the cover. The aim of providing stenciling is to engage and invite those who own a copy of the release to raise awareness of the issues by using the stencils for street graffiti.

The MESSAGE IN THE SAND stencils are produced in a durable, flexible re-usable 190 micron polyester film in order to achieve a decorative graphic high stencil.

Want to know more about what’s going on in Syria, who you can support and how ? then check these links:

Syria: 10 years of conflict – GOAL Global

syria10_time_to_look_ahead_0.pdf (

Take a look at the lyric and story board, have a listen here:

رسالة في الرمال Message in the Sand – SYRIA CONFLICT – FISHINABOX RECORDS

Numbers are limited so if you wan to get a copy inbox us asap for orders in the comments or via twitter @Fishinapot

In a world where we are increasingly losing our right to protest, raise awareness and use of voices against in justice, and on discussing the format of the release between us, I finish with Penny Rimbaud’s quote on the project: “Don’t say it, just SPRAY it.”

FISHINABOX Zeitgeist the ALBUM Digital release


FISHINABOX Zeitgeist the ALBUM Digital release

The album collects core social change statements from FISHINABOX to open the listener to a path of genuine cultural behavioral evolution, and to move away from the investment for return based (self serving), barter and trade, repetition of failed social change concepts, “anti system with no implementable solution” behaviors that have stopped people in their tracks time and time again from evolving.

Since Michael Green’s passing  in 2019, the group has looked at other community activists and partnerships to build on RBE education. Members of the group through 2020 have been involved in engaging in a number of (on the surface), change programs, from food systems, to power sources, to education /community growth. Yet all direct partnerships we invested in, despite wanting to promote the free world charter the RBE and the five steps to freedom, were not actually committed to the moral baseline of change, being unwilling to commit to the implimenting the actual core values of the free world charter.

For 26/9 last year FISHINABOX presented Michael Green’s Art for a sustainable world under an event called MG 269, to educate and unify community action under the free world charter, and the RBE . Excellent networking was achieved in power systems and renewable energy backers from the event and remain open to future community development programs.

In additional community groups linked up to plant and grow food together at the event.

For the actual show itself we put together a soundtrack for “art for a sustainable world” with Michael Green’s former work. Christine Thindi who had also worked with Michael for the Zeitgeist addendum project in 2013 supported with material for the soundtrack. Most of the Zeitgeist album release is drawn from this event.


Financial troubles everywhere
give you no time to be aware
of what it is that causes it
and it all seems so legit
indoctrinations keep you caught
in a state of fearful thought
Money makes the world go round
It’s what keeps the food abound
keeps us clothed and in a home
without it, streets we’d have to roam
sleep on the pavement, starve to death
feel misery till our last breath
We bear the drudgery we hate
because we think that it’s our fate
We have to keep a job or two
enough banknotes will see us through
will pay the taxes and the bills
bliss awaits beyond the hills
make more money to get by
but guess what? It’s all a lie!

We could feed 12 billion souls
if markets didn’t block the flow
Money causes suffering
destroys your soul and everything
the planet is about to die
economic growth has to be high
exploitation is a must
if profits are not to go bust
What is the use if very soon
Earth will look like its own moon
your children will not have a future
just because your lifestyle suits ya
but look at it, does it make you happy?
Or do you feel stressed and rather crappy?
Our offspring raised by institutions
no time and strength for resolutions
families are ripped apart
and so is everybody’s heart
Suppressing who we really are
spreads depression near and far
You are a slave to this whole thing
full of worry and suffering
Half the world has it even worse
they always have an empty purse

But did you know, there’s a better way
where no one can be led astray
where everyone on planet Earth
lives healthy, happy right from birth
no stress, no force, no crime, no war
where all our spirits are free to soar
Technology will do the jobs
robots won’t turn into mobs
most work’s already automated
so why not call the rest outdated?
Let’s just end the reign of money
and we’re not trying to be funny
Without it we will all be wealthy
happy, free and very healthy
Follow our passions every day
with no pressure of earning pay
Saving the planet in the process
that is what is called REAL progress
All we need to set us free
is a Resource-Based Economy !


Who actually gives a fuck about the waste of resources, and the way that the technology is being used to manipulate vast amounts of human beings into war, violence, into the belief that the way we live now is the way that it will always be.

If we use our technology and science, allied with nature for the benefit of all human beings, rather than the bottom line of the corporation, which is money, our behaviors would change.

The first thing that most of the activists involved with the zeitgeist movement and the Venus project would say is that it is about becoming better educated and learning about scientific application for the benefit of all human beings, I’m not a scientist, I don’t have to be a scientist, it’s about understanding the scientific method, it’s not about our ego, access to the basic necessities, without recourse to subservience, credit , debt, barter, or any other monetary form then our behaviors will change.

It is only this monetary system that is fueling war and rampant consumerism.

Fresco is one of those people that I have been made aware of in the more recent years of my life, Buckminster Fuller is one that I have come across, Nikolai Tesla and you know Peter Joseph behind the Zeitgeist movement, If we use our technology and science, allied with nature for the benefit of all human beings, rather than the bottom line of the corporation, which is money, our behaviors would change.

In addition to the MG269 event, The Album collects the Japan elements tracks, the complete WATER suite and no subscription to your paradise


Planet water, endless memory,. earth’s water is older Than the sun.
it understands the ancient mysteries,
it has the answers to life’s questions and is the building block of all existence
water that exists in all three states, air solid liquid yet returns unchanged
water that exists in all three states, air solid liquid yet returns unchanged
The sun, 4.6 billion years old, predates all the other bodies in our solar system.
The water we drink here on Earth is even older.
it understands the ancient mysteries,
it has the answers to life’s questions and is the building block of all existence
Planet water, endless memory,. earth’s water is older Than the sun.

Water, the Heart of Life.
Water, mater creator and matrix,
Water, mother and medium.
water, enabler of life
Water, building block of all existence
water, recorder, narrator and yet, the mysterious
water that grows when freezing yet everything else shrinks

water than purifies itself even from toxic waste every 25 metres as it falls
Water is life and so Life is water
never let it be forgot..
We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.
Planet water, endless memory,.
Planet water, endless memory,.
Planet water, endless memory,.
Planet water, endless memory,.



(楽園への拒絶 – Japan REMIX 2015)

I hear no breath. I feel no hope.
Nor whisper of faith from those who have died to fulfil the glory of another’s divine right or privilege.


I will neither live , nor die to fulfill your dreams
I will neither live, nor die to enhance your self righteous being.


I will make NO subscription to your paradise.


I choose to walk the path of my own dreams,
I choose to walk the path of my own dreams,
I choose my fate,. to stop freely and wonder under falling cherry blossom, as i pass through the garden of life , never to follow , ever to lead


I will make NO subscription to you paradise,


I hear no breath. I feel no hope.
Nor whisper of faith from those who have died to fulfil the glory of another’s divine right or privilege.


I will neither live , nor die to fulfill your dreams
I will neither live, nor die to enhance your self righteous being.


I will make NO subscription to your paradise.


I choose to walk the path of my own dreams,
I choose to walk the path of my own dreams,
I choose my fate,. to step and let cherry blossom fall, as i pass through the garden , never to follow , ever to lead


I will make NO subscription to you paradise,


I choose to walk the path of my own dreams, never to follow, ever to lead.
I choose to walk the path of my own dreams, never to follow, ever to lead.

NO subscription to your paradise.


I will make NO subscription to your paradise.

I will neither live , nor die to fulfil your dreams
I will neither live, nor die to enhance your self righteous being.

I will neither live , nor die to fulfil your dreams
I will neither live, nor die to enhance your self righteous being.


I will make NO subscription to you paradise.

I choose to walk the path of my own dreams, never to follow, ever to lead.

I will neither live , nor die to fulfil your dreams
I will neither live, nor die to enhance your self righteous being.

I hear no breath. I feel no hope.
Nor whisper of faith from those who have died to fulfil the glory of another’s divine right or privilege.


I will neither live , nor die to fulfil your dreams
I will neither live, nor die to enhance your self righteous being.


I will make NO subscription to your paradise.


I choose to walk the path of my own dreams,
I choose to walk the path of my own dreams,
I choose my fate,. to step and let cherry blossom fall, as i pass through the garden , never to follow , ever to lead


I will make NO subscription to you paradise,


I hear no breath. I feel no hope.
Nor whisper of faith from those who have died to fulfil the glory of another’s divine right or privilege.


I will neither live , nor die to fulfill your dreams
I will neither live, nor die to enhance your self righteous being.


I will make NO subscription to your paradise.


I choose to walk the path of my own dreams,
I choose to walk the path of my own dreams,
I choose my fate,. to step and let cherry blossom fall, as i pass through the garden , never to follow , ever to lead


I will make NO subscription to you paradise,


I will neither live , nor die to fulfil your dreams
I will neither live, nor die to enhance your self righteous being.

I will neither live , nor die to fulfil your dreams
I will neither live, nor die to enhance your self righteous being.

I choose to walk the path of my own dreams, never to follow, ever to lead.
I choose to walk the path of my own dreams, never to follow, ever to lead.
I choose to walk the path of my own dreams, never to follow, ever to lead.

The Album is out on Digital from Spring globally, and a CD release of the event soundtrack is also available through FISHINASHOP here: MG 269 Event Soundtrack CD album in eco digi packaging | Etsy




Putting Diesel back on the map ?

That is the unpopular choice these days right ? We should be moving away from fossil fuels, but where has this thinking even come from ? Especially after corporate interests in fossil fuels and the global media marketing machine has been slamming electric cars as a joke for over 100 years, oppressing the support in developing a market for electric vehicles, hindering progress all the way down the line whilst promoting thier own corporate interests in “dirty” fuels from oil and gas, until the skies and earth are so clogged and smogged that the general public finally have taken notice and a deal had to be brokered between all financial parties.

Like all great ideas though, the electric car market has now well and truly had  its cash injection, and that money has reached the powers that be and now buy’s favours in the halls of power and the halls of power have printed up the official version and that is that fossil fuels are the problem and electric, the NEW money, is the way forward.

A hard game for legislators to play when the oil industry has been bank rolling governments for decades right ?


Oil and Gas appear (from the money changing hands in the financial press such as FORBES and other money papers) to have been bought off with the the world economic forums “covid great reset”, (convenient and well timed, how did that happen eh ?) that’s a rough guide PPE profit return to the plastic industry of 75 billion dollars every quarter (pay off) to make plastic screens and PPE useless junk (future landfill), the required use of a business cost legislated by the sham governments of the world to ensure the money keeps rolling in line with expectations so that the petroleum industry can sit back, with the pay off, as new money carries on oil and gas turn a blind eye to the electric vehicles industry. Its a done deal and everyone’s happy right ?


Electric cars, clean, money making luxury vehicles guaranteed for every business middle manager with a car deal,  tax breaks, no emissions, no congestion zone controls etc in a Tesla,. even has vegan leather upholstery, what’s not to love ?

Vegan cars, definitly a step forward though despite popular opinion in the non vegan World that fossil fuels are not vegan, fossil fuels are not exploitation of animals , nor is it the use of animals either, fossil fuels are the compressed biodiversity of millions of Years of geological History, thats all biodiversity, mostly plant matter, not the blood of a baby cow, so don’t get lost on it, running a car on fossil fuels is not a vegan debate and in my experience the only people who DON’T understand ethics enough and actually still bring that one up are consumers of animal body parts. There is more to fossil fuels than main stream media care to admit.

Electric cars, amazing, though the industry  drivers of “climate change” that gave them credibility on the market place are less amazing and more about following the money.

Despite all the climate change legislation, the World Economic Forums New plant meat farming revelations, David Attenborough saying fossil fuels is the end of life on earth but it’s “ok” to eat fish (fail) after filming dead oceans, (as long as you don’t eat too many,) that climate change agenda focus on vehicles really impacts only 4 % of the global emissions problem and is more about shifting public opinion to new products and markets instead of addressing Methane over and above Carbon as the Big scary sequel real planet killer in the climate change saga.

Compare the World Economic Forums “climate” green wash Carbon numbers to Cowspiracy stats which pinpoint 51 % of global world wide greenhouse emissions being attibuted to farming animals (32,000 million tonnes of CO2 per year) and that climate change is just a misnommer for Government sanctioned and legislated corporate profiteering through exploitation” and then you get back to car emissions at 3-4% of greenhouse gases being really, actually meaningless in terms of active actual change to reduce global emissions.

Carbon, why is it even an issue anyway ? Plants and trees breathe it in right and breathe out oxygen so what’s the issue ?

Oh yeah the forests and trees were all burned and cut down to put animal slaves on that were breed artificially by thier billions and then sent to death in the animal holocaust slaughterhouses and gas chambers to fuel western obesity….Add Methane to Carbon as an émissions issue with animal farming ..

There is so much focus on Oil and Gas and changes in the automobile industry, any only lip service to sea life drowning in thier billions from animal waste being pumped into the sea,  along with methane from those same animal slaves and yet despite 2 years of Pandemics / Plandemics (depending on your take on it all) caused by people eating the rotting bodies of  diseased farmed animals en mass, yet not one legislated control on the disease driving meat industry has been even presented.

When the CDC Said the highest point of transmission for covid avian flu’s was from the skin of dead fish and chicken against plastic cellaphane packaging, did anyone stop and go damn, time to go vegan ? No the standard response was, eat the infected corpse anyway but wash your hands and wear a paper surgeons mask that won’t stop any transmission whatsoever …

Did IQ’s suddenly drop over night ? Did you ever meet anyone who got covid from eating a banana ?

Call out the legislators, the Economic aids, the covid planners and the money markets that profit from gambling with extinction and diesease for profit, they are not fit to govern anything, certainly not life on this planet with thier own insatiable greed.

Disease by design or just endless cost cutting in the animal slave trade leading to scaled sickness as a norm ? Yet despite oil and gas being the least of the emissions issues out there, Animal Agriculture the BIG bad, remains the white elephant in the global climate change room ! That’s the usual double standards and hypocrisy from the global corporatocracy who gamble with our future.

The stats are always skewed, the meat industry says they are responsable for only 14.5% of Global emissions and oil and gas at 18%,. Oil and gas says they are at 1-3% of global emissions but animal agriculture (methane farts basically) at 28% and so it goes on and on. The bottom line is that we are all talking about dirty heavy oils, emissions and tar sands etc which is the reason why electric cars are the “official” solution to reducing global rising emissions and that is most likly the case because Meat and Dairy pay more in government and senator lobbying than the oil and gas industry along with an element of cultural and class rascism over who owns the oil and who owns the cattle.

So electric cars are the future now, and every one is after a Tesla…

nice work if you can get it..

The problem arrives when every one below the middle management employment bracket is getting fined for driving whatever they can afford, and small business and the regular jane and joe on the street are being penalised for running “dirty” heavy oil vehicles. in the age of “climate change”, what awful awful people right ?


As all eyes are on the electric car market, another great pollution issue for our planet, as well as animal agriculture, gets sidelined .. and that pollution issue is plastic.


Plastic, the biggest consumer waste pollution issue for society to tackle,  or as WE know it in the Vegan RBE, solid form FREE diesel fuel .

Ask yourself why anyone would want to lobby Government to clean up plastic rather than push for conversion ovens and clean it up ourselves, and then use it to drive our fossil fuels vehicules ?

What would happen to oil and gas drilling if nobody used a service station anymore ?

What would happen to levels of plastic waste around the globe if we were using it in our vehicles ?


The public climate change charities, the eco environmental groups, the green wash corporations, all keep plugging the reduce plastic program, its for YOU YOU YOU to reduce your consumption of plastic , yet governments all around the globe are legislating the use of more and more plastic for covid PPE, whilst doing nothing to return use of glass bottles, paper bags and remove all plastic wraps.

Lobbying the government fails to connect the dots that:

– All Governments are funded by oil and gas. They want you to consume plastic
– No Governments have dealt with pollution, Government will ONLY deal with plastic pollution when they are ready to return it to reclaim diesel fuel and resell it to you , the public as a profit and tax deal for central and when oil and gas are well and truly paid off for any restrictive legislation

Do you really just want to give away 6 billion tonnes of FREE solid form diesel fuel anyway ?

Lobbying Government to clean it up means you loose it all and you will most certainly pay the bill for the clean up, as well as buying back that same plastic again later in service stations After “recycling” back to fuel.

How much plastic did you say is out there to reclaim anyway ?

6 billion tonnes of plastic waste

6 billion tonnes of plastic waste, that’s a lot of plastic,  enough to meet the global diesel fuel consumption for 2.7 years before the planet is clean and the waste has been reclaimed. Post all plastic pollution clean up the industry can continue through recycling, collection networks can supply direct to plastics reclaim tech ensuring no plastics pollution issue EVER again.

Most pressure groups such as XR want to the government to get involved and reduce plastic pollution.

Where do WE go as people to get this right when the climate activists are hand in hand in the same game as the legislators ?

Plastics reclaim tech units for every home Can be made for 660 USD each per unit per house. We can recycle our own plastic and have free reclaimed diesel fuel and that means No service stations, no more oil and gas drilling and no more petrol stations again ever.

So check the pay off – electric cars and zero plastics pollution clean up, or, reclaim diesel fuel and global plastic pollution clean up.. there is always a choice on the best way to go though plastics reclaim fuel can be done on a house by house level and without corporate and government engagement.

All Governments, left wing right wing, all of them, have attempted to block patents for plastic reclaim tech to be made available to the general public. All financial transactions made by Government are done using taxes and funding from corporations, donors, Governments don’t have any other money .

It’s Time for a bit of the old anarchpunk mindset of just do it yourself. We don’t want to pay the bill to clean up corporate mess under a Government recycling dictate , or be pressured by green wash climate change movements that work hand in hand with those that profit from the problem in the first place. No TAX Should be taken from workers labour to fix this.

Disengage with corruption and engage in communities to improve our lives , the lives of animals around us and repair the earth by pressuring for patent clearing for plastics waste reclaim tech instead and where that is stonewalled then build the conversion ovens ourselves, (see the how to videos or contact the utility free living website ) free the fuel for the people and start the clean up for the planet.

Consider again the absolute necessity of refusing to vote, pay taxes, and to instead engage in the movement that is actually promoting proper ethical management of our planets resources, whether natural or waste including plastics reclaim tech.

The Vegan Resource Based Economy and the Free World Charter

Tired of waiting on legislation changes and patents to manage your own resources ?

Wan’t to get into the nitty gritty of building your own oven for your community, then take a look at the below “Make your own FREE Diesel from waste plastic videos”

The science works, and patents for home sizes units for houses, schools offices , every building have been pushing for patent sign off for over 15 years.

So remember

You are told to reduce plastics bags and plastics single use, Governments and pressure groups are very keen to tell you to reduce plastic, they are though asking YOU to reduce your solid form diesel free fuel whilist promoting a global plastics PPE program that is utterly useless in the management of the control of diseases.

a case of hypocrisy and double standards from central once again.

That solid form diesel fuel (plastic waste) yet this can be converted back to vehicle grade petrol by a machine the size of an oven (built and tested by Ito in Japan in 2003), patents have been blocked over and over again by oil and gas. It’s been patented, you can have one in every building and drop your plastic straight in it and our the petrol straight in your car .no Waste. No pumps no plastic no Oil drilling and no money to Government lobbyists or oil and gas industry to do it for you.

So should we really be going electric ? It’s obviously a good step if organic, but not by using the strong arm of legislation to demonize existing vehicles and force a shift from one fuel type to another.

Many of these lobbyist  / recycling plans or save the planet schemes are obsessed with demonising diesel, a free fuel waste solution instead of differentiating what’s good and bad about it by pinpointing the source of the fuel between waste reclaim and oil and gas drilling.

XR, Green party, you name it,all lobby Government to clean up pollution rather than actually doing litter picks, building oven sites and distributing free reclaimed diesel fuel themselves.

Read between the lines, avoid the false prophets and sham deals that put money back into industry and governement, be aware of legislation like ULEZ  here in London that are scams to demonise vehicles based on age, manufacturer and cost.

Pollution controls on vehicle emissions are class war –

When a pollution control scheme lets a 5.8 Litre Mercedes drive around London for free but bans a 2 litre transit van or charges fines for travelling in the zone, ask your self the question why.

There is a place for both Heavy Oil vehicles and Electric, Electric is cleaner obviously but the impact of emissions on vehicles is only a quarter of the oil and gas problem and oil and gas pollution is only 1/4 of the pollution created form eating animals across the globe.

If global climate pressure groups and governments REALLY wanted to fix climate change they would end the Meat and Diary industry, support the public in transition to plant based / vegan diets, remove the brakes on reclaim waste fuel oven tech and allow it to go to market and leave the people to start the bulk of the plastics clean up themselves through recycling.

How far can plastics reclaim tech go without corporate intervention,. well heres some other uses of fuel from plasstic trash that people may not have thought about

Disengage yourself from Government sham policies , ignore the corporate media machine, get your own communities putting oven tech together whilst patents are struggling for sign off and stat cleaning up your home areas and producing you own fuel.

Its time to recongnise that industry and government fail the people and the planet and we need to just get this done ourselves with out them.

Liberate our waste resources for recycling.

Plastics reclaim tech should be available for all of us.


Somewhere between The Last Kingdom, Kate Bush and Vikings we find Emaline Delapaix

Somewhere between The Last Kingdom, Kate Bush and Vikings we find Emaline Delapaix …

This morning Emaline Delapaix’s little box of music dropped through the door,. as always, made from the heart, beautiful, magical and attention to story and detail like a Nordic bard of old telling stories to a winter fire.

The whole package is an ethereal experience in music,. an ancient folk music though symbiotically tied to our modern world. It is one to experience..

FISHINABOX were first introduced to Emaline’s magical work five years ago during the filming of Hannibal (anti fur video) and the ongoing Glede Wood alternative living project.

“Bend of the trees”,which is featured in this new release unplugged,  became our soundtrack song for the Glede Wood project and since then Emaline has gone from strength to strength.


Outside of Emaline’s stunning vocals, and the atmospheric journey that the music takes us on, stands a deep and engaging lyrical strength. Emaline captures a balance between her travels, Her ethical veganism and her artistic impressionism, like musical paintings of all that surrounds her, the sound hands on the air around you like canvasses before fading to the ever rolling songsmith as the story audible carries on. She takes time to explore the background to her musical story and this is cleverly supported with selected statements and imagery adding to the whole package.

What’s the blurb on the album:

“Emaline’s nine track album ‘With Every Beat’ includes songs recorded in Scandinavia, Europe and the UK on a grand piano, guitars, synths, mini wurlitzer, mandola and celtic harp including locations in Berlin, the New Forest England and the mystical Faroe Islands. Apart from some winter recording at the wonderful Studio Bloch in Tórshavn capturing some Nordic ambience, the record is 100% DIY; a labour of love which was played, recorded and mixed by Emaline and her partner Lukas with a few guest musician friends on cello, banjo, flute, viola, trumpet, drums and french Horn.

Drawing on many influences from folktronica, art pop, traditional folk, and even a little soft symphonic metal on the song ‘Turmoil of Winter’, the new record is a sonic soundscape interlacing stories and thoughts about current world issues, dealing with animal rights, the lack of female role models in mainstream music, mental health, longing for nature and a simpler life, self worth and the memory loss and death of a beloved Grand parent with alzheimer’s disease. Although at times melancholy, the music is still positive…the title track ‘With Every Beat’ is a kind of mantra to help dissipate negative mental thoughts and body anxiety, instead drawing on the strength we hold in our bodies to fight dark forces and move forward in the world.”

This is an album that will take you to a sacred space, an ancient place, a meditative space, a thinking yet calming pace…

Our recommendation: check this album out, “eave the city , shake of the concrete dust and remember yourself”


hey , got so carried away I almost forgot the link on where to get a copy:


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Rocky Benderskum with crops NOT shops at The Retreat Animal Rescue Vegan Sanctuary

Rocky Benderskum with crops NOT shops at The Retreat Animal Rescue Vegan Sanctuary

A big shout out to the Crops not Shops Tribe I’d tag you all but I’m a benderskum and that’s way too complicamated for me so instead have a pome xx

Crops not shops:

I want to introduce these folks they really are the tops
A proper growing community they call it Crops Not Shops
They’ve been around in Essex helping people grow
For food is a right for all of us something you should know
In gardens, allotments and a nursery and now down on an animal farm
Though not where they breed the animals for food these are safe from harm
The place near Ashford in deepest Kent is a place that’s hard to beat
A wonderful Animal Sanctuary beginning with Retreat
I went along to give advice? That’s all I have the strength to give
I loved the way the animals are and how they get to live
The poly tunnel frame put up by a valiant bunch of workers
While I sat down and watched because trust I’m a proper shirker
If my body wasn’t so broken I know I could be handy
But this is the body that I’ve got so sitting down is dandy
So all I can do is sit and watch and try to give advice
I’d be helping if I had different one you needn’t ask me twice
So all I can do is write this stuff and watch the world go by
As the poly tunnel is constructed under the bright blue sky
The farm itself is brilliant the staff were all amazing
It’s lush to see happy animals wandering around and grazing
They have a thrift shop and a café with vegan friendly food
I never mentioned my cannibal diet as it seemed a little rude
I know that I will go back down to help whenever I can
I’ll probably grab a plate or two of that lovely vegan scran
The farm is very popular as its one of those special places
When some of the visitors find its vegan food the looks upon their faces
One thing I really liked to hear was none of the food is ever wasted
Because they have pigs to eat the scraps but never themselves to be tasted
Now back to the tribe and the growing of crops when the poly tunnel is built
Organic vegetables and maybe fruit filled up to the hilt
And a biogas digester but I’m not really sure what that is
I was told but it went right over my head

its ok I can give it a miss…
For I’m a simple benderskum and there are some things I know
One of them is Crops not Shops is a thing that is bound to grow

Who is Rocky  ? Ethical Vegan AF, Ex-tramp, Ex-teacher, Ex-tremely inappropriate Scribbler of scribbles and writer of similar
Anarchist Geriactivist who once stood for Parliament..

Rocky, a supporter of the cause,  joined the crops NOT shops crew at The Retreat Animal Sanctuary all weekend to lift spirits and entertain us all while we greased poles, banged nuts and rode around in tractors and diggers looking like we knew what we were doing…

Thankfully we did and the muck piles some touching 10 metres into the sky, 18 metre squared plot land was leveled, poly-tunnel frame erected and the irrigation trenches cut

So where have we got to ?

The frame and channels are done, water storage tank are on site and ready, the poly tunnel cover is on, though needs door frames around the front and final securing to be done, drainage needs setting back into the tunnel and plant in our crops for 26/9 event.

Biogas chamber is marked out and the prints are being finalised to build the biogas digester engine which will be feed from manure and convert into natural gas to power the chalets heating and hot water, as well as a by product of 200 Litres of liquid organic fertiliser

crops NOT shops are now raising funding for completion of the Retreat Sanctuary site. We have had amazing response from our seed search and have heirloom organic seeds for planting over winter crops at the site, now we need to get the Retreat base humming.

So what do we need funding for now ?

– We need to plant heirloom fruit trees, around 12 for the fruiting area

– We need a power inverter and lithium battery to be funded to hook up 10 ready to go solar panels that we have to start generating power for The Retreat and drive gas and water pumps.

– We need some irrigation arms to link to the tunnel tanks and overhead water storage tanks and a computer controlled timer to regulate watering cycles day and night to keep all crops in prime health

– We need to build a 12 foot fence to protect the whole site from Chickens, too ensure the crops get to maturity  without being ransacked by the chickens, you may laugh but it is not just a poultry affair, last chicken invasion cleaned out a complete crop of rainbow corn in 25 minutes…..

To complete this site to perfection, we will need to raise a further £ 1,000.00 from the Community.

We need your support.

What you will be investing in is a fully automated fully functioning organic free food system for the animals, for the people and for The Retreat.

As a centre of the Ethical Vegan movement, the crop NOT shops project directly strengthens the Retreat’s long term self sustainability goals and takes pressure of the team there in using up donations for food and power which could otherwise be used on infastructure.

if you are able to help financially in investing in the project to get this site completed please do so using the below link:

crops NOT shops ON THE DIGGER – What did you learn today ?

Next Up was Lunch and more of Rocky Benderskum:

Rocky, as well as everything else, also has donated some of his books to crops NOT shops to resell to raise funds.

The books will be available to Purchase at the RBE Network event “MG 269” detaisl of the event in the below LINK:

These books are a must have insight into the anarchist scribbling of time and experience, from political activism, to rough sleeping, the big issue, journeys to the inner mind and all the stories interwoven by all.

take a look see..

Peaked your interest ?

Click on the below link and then look for the crops NOT shops logo, that will take you to the Facebook page then post a comment to order (Beware if you read to much, your ban will turn to mush…)..


What to know more about Rocky’s antics ? did he tell you about the time he stood for Parliment ?


oh, we almost forgot lunch..

Jamie on the volunteer crew knocked up a fantastic vegan Jamaican stew, which was then followed by second lunch and 4 ‘o’ clock whistle stop chasers…

one last candle to light at “Angels Rest” memorial garden and then down time, campsite gaffs and giggles into the night…

It’s not just funders and backers we need,.

We need volunteers. If you are ethically motivated for real system change, this vegan permaculture, anarchist RBE Network project may well be for you, get in touch with us and learn how to retake your freedom and rebuild your community for a better world.

Time to hit the road, until next week,,


The Free Folk Festivals – crops NOT shops outreach South goes North and West

The Free Folk Festivals – crops NOT shops outreach South goes North and West


The Free Folk Festivals, throughout the summer, put out invitations to crops NOT shops and the Vegan RBE, along with Know Your Roots, to attend and run workshops up and down the country at the Free Folk Festivals.

We were also joined on a number of our workshops by the Woodland Woom and Green Elephant Kitchen.

The Music and atmosphere was amazing all over the Country. Between workshops the crew were able to take time for amazing live bands, meditation, yoga, music workshops, talks, food prep, seeding and growing workshops, higher consciousness and how to achieve freedom  to build the RBE Network in an age of deceit, oppression and control.

crops NOT shops traveled from South to North to West , delivering work shops and engaging with like minded folk all over the country to start to put the foundations of a free food network in place, engaging with other growers and people interested in establishing grow sites for the Free Food RBE Network.

What is the RBE Network ?

It is a splinter from the RBE movement, the resource based economy.

It is the rise of the people.

the unifying of communities who do not submit to or trust the intentions or motivations of Government, Industry and the oppressive minions they use to enforce will on the people.

It is reclaiming the resources of the land , air and sea for the purpose of sharing within the community under the ethical guidance of the free world charter.

It is most simply, the people just doing it for themselves.


NOUN the exercise of political authority over the actions and affairs of a group of people and their resources. To hold authority to perform certain functions for this body of people and their resources ; the action of governing;  rule, and, administer the affairs of the nation.

When Government uses the financial muscle of the public fund to subvert media and public opinion  for the determent of the many only to serve their own interests and the interests of a select elite, they are no longer a representative of the people.  It instead becomes the enemy of the people and in turn the policies of this Government (and previous Governments) and its opposition parties are joined at the hip to the continuation of ensuring compliance to the rule of legislation, statues and law, no matter how unjust, to the perpetrating of the division of the class system, profit through war, animal exploitation and enslavement, the rape of our land air and sea resources for corporate deals and the conditioning of the people to fit and agree with the greed and desire of central power through attacking and separating the family unit through state education, work slavery and consumer debt. Rather than central power devolving authority to the people and serving the people as elected and working towards building a better nation and world.

Government does not work for the people it works for its own agenda and is financed by the people to pursue its own unethical aims.

We don’t need Government, for anything. what we need is unity. When the people engage with the RBE Network the need for Government becomes obsolete.

The gathering of the tribes, the festivals, the free folk, the anarchist community, the home growers, utility free living, the RBE Network and the unity of all of them together, is essential to provide us all a way forward in times of such austerity and control and a future without the “grey man”, who nips at the heels of all who shine too brightly, the grey suit devoid of all creativity and happiness, taking his share.

Want to know more about the RBE Network ?


Next RBE event


crops NOT shops speak at the sacred circle 

Know your Roots Kid’s Wonderland Worshop

Know your Roots Monkey Dance Workshop 

Know your Roots  and Hemp Redemption Music Workshops

crops NOT shops outreach stall

crops NOT shops reclaim the land NORTH workshop

Free Folk Sacred Sites


crops NOT shops reclaim the land WEST workshop

Crops NOT shops Free Food Network stall

crops NOT shops seed planting workshop

Want to support crops NOT shops and the RBE Network ?

Find out more about crops NOT shops here:

We are constantly needing supplies, materials, fuel to get sites up and running as quickly as possible, if you are able to help financially in investing in the project please do so using the below link:

Festival CREW Down time