FIVE STEPS TO FREEDOM – Step 4 FREE Medicine – Yarrow

FIVE STEPS TO FREEDOM – Step 4 FREE Medicine – Yarrow

So the Five Steps the freedom program,.

Basically an exit program to a life off grid and fully self sustainable , money free living and off all state register and rolls. Its a big change program and takes a while to implement, though in short it is split into five core sections.

Section 4 is “free medicine” and comprises of a huge natural medicine apothecary for everything from cuts, bruises, broken bones and muscle tears to managing and improving mental health, to control and in places eradiction of debilitating disease, infections , preventative medicine, auto immune and anti system response to toxic poisoning from the state (air, water, food, pharma) and improved strength and stamina.

The post only looks at one herb. Over time we will attempt to put other core herbs and treatments in, though in reality this is a live training program delivered on the ground in an apothecary apprentice type course, over several months.  Complex processes such as making penicillin have some restrictions country to country, as well as certain key plant medicines and extracts (unexpectedly but yea government happens to ruin common sense all over) being controlled in certain places and for certain concentrations and uses.

Anyway, the simple easy herbs can get put out in posts like this and its just up to you to start using these and swap them in instead of pharma treatments which all need to really be swopped out for a successful transition to the a vegan resource based lifestyle.

A huge volume of knowledge on health is intrinsically tied into diet and lifestyle so all of that can be gleaned pretty much from works such as Dr Michael Gregor’s “How not to Die” huge tomb of health illness and treatments. So for content that is simply easy to pull from that , we wouldn’t bother covering that on the site.

So for the complex plant medicine, these are things we need to spend time together on to deliver and generally we reserve our time for folk who already have your head around the moral codes laid out in the Free World Charter , be ethically vegan for the animals and been exiting or trying to exit the moneytist system as these folk will form a vegan resource based community around shared knowledge and be operating on the same program and level.

If you are not at that point in your life yet, then best to first get onto the 5 steps program in your personal life and get your self to that point through learning and practicing the earlier steps of the program, ethics, free food, power and fuel first. You can reduce your overheads relatively easily, explore complete self ownership of your diet and energy supply which is a benefit to everyone.

Want to look at the program and get an immersion into what we represent ? Here’s the link to the 5 steps to freedom overview.

Don’t EXIT through the gift shop – the 5 steps to Freedom

Foraging wild yarrow and making yarrow powder

So Yarrow, Common Yarrow,  what’s it going to fix ?


Been in battle ?
Fallen down a Cliff ?
Cut yourself on machinery ?

WE would pack the wound with yarrow powder

Yarrow is known as an astringent herb that simply just stops bleeding. When you wonder on all those period dramas, from Vikings to Excalibur and how the characters the actors were depicting managed to get back on the battle, or sipy survive endless brutal wounds, yarrow would be right in there.  Its ability to heal and close a wound comes mostly from alkaloid achilleine, which activates the coagulation of blood, leading to a wound closing up fast..

Evergreen state college and the national institute of Health reference research studies from the 1950’s findings that half a milligram of achilleine per 1kg of body weight can reduce the time it takes a wound to clot by 32%, these tsts were recreated this year with confirming same / similar results.

Yarrow activates the blood platelets in the affected area which in turn reduces risk of infection because the platelets  form a protective layer to keep the body protected from infection-causing bacteria. It has powerful anti-microbial properties effectively killing the bacteria when it is applied to the wound.

The natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of this herb make it ideal for use on cuts and burns, accelerates recovery and reduces swelling and infection

The below links expand in depth on the propoerties , history and various methods of preparation of the herb. for us , get stuck in,,wound%20to%20clot%20by%2032%25.

how do we prepare it ?

We cut it dry it in a de humidifier then run it through a nutri bullet , and pop it in a sealed jar .

disclaimer , it’s a great herb, but you might not be a great host, so do your double checks before you do what we do. After all , . as Gandalf Saïd … ” who is the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him ?”