Putting Diesel back on the map ?

That is the unpopular choice these days right ? We should be moving away from fossil fuels, but where has this thinking even come from ? Especially after corporate interests in fossil fuels and the global media marketing machine has been slamming electric cars as a joke for over 100 years, oppressing the support in developing a market for electric vehicles, hindering progress all the way down the line whilst promoting thier own corporate interests in “dirty” fuels from oil and gas, until the skies and earth are so clogged and smogged that the general public finally have taken notice and a deal had to be brokered between all financial parties.

Like all great ideas though, the electric car market has now well and truly had  its cash injection, and that money has reached the powers that be and now buy’s favours in the halls of power and the halls of power have printed up the official version and that is that fossil fuels are the problem and electric, the NEW money, is the way forward.

A hard game for legislators to play when the oil industry has been bank rolling governments for decades right ?


Oil and Gas appear (from the money changing hands in the financial press such as FORBES and other money papers) to have been bought off with the the world economic forums “covid great reset”, (convenient and well timed, how did that happen eh ?) that’s a rough guide PPE profit return to the plastic industry of 75 billion dollars every quarter (pay off) to make plastic screens and PPE useless junk (future landfill), the required use of a business cost legislated by the sham governments of the world to ensure the money keeps rolling in line with expectations so that the petroleum industry can sit back, with the pay off, as new money carries on oil and gas turn a blind eye to the electric vehicles industry. Its a done deal and everyone’s happy right ?


Electric cars, clean, money making luxury vehicles guaranteed for every business middle manager with a car deal,  tax breaks, no emissions, no congestion zone controls etc in a Tesla,. even has vegan leather upholstery, what’s not to love ?

Vegan cars, definitly a step forward though despite popular opinion in the non vegan World that fossil fuels are not vegan, fossil fuels are not exploitation of animals , nor is it the use of animals either, fossil fuels are the compressed biodiversity of millions of Years of geological History, thats all biodiversity, mostly plant matter, not the blood of a baby cow, so don’t get lost on it, running a car on fossil fuels is not a vegan debate and in my experience the only people who DON’T understand ethics enough and actually still bring that one up are consumers of animal body parts. There is more to fossil fuels than main stream media care to admit.

Electric cars, amazing, though the industry  drivers of “climate change” that gave them credibility on the market place are less amazing and more about following the money.

Despite all the climate change legislation, the World Economic Forums New plant meat farming revelations, David Attenborough saying fossil fuels is the end of life on earth but it’s “ok” to eat fish (fail) after filming dead oceans, (as long as you don’t eat too many,) that climate change agenda focus on vehicles really impacts only 4 % of the global emissions problem and is more about shifting public opinion to new products and markets instead of addressing Methane over and above Carbon as the Big scary sequel real planet killer in the climate change saga.

Compare the World Economic Forums “climate” green wash Carbon numbers to Cowspiracy stats which pinpoint 51 % of global world wide greenhouse emissions being attibuted to farming animals (32,000 million tonnes of CO2 per year) and that climate change is just a misnommer for Government sanctioned and legislated corporate profiteering through exploitation” and then you get back to car emissions at 3-4% of greenhouse gases being really, actually meaningless in terms of active actual change to reduce global emissions.

Carbon, why is it even an issue anyway ? Plants and trees breathe it in right and breathe out oxygen so what’s the issue ?

Oh yeah the forests and trees were all burned and cut down to put animal slaves on that were breed artificially by thier billions and then sent to death in the animal holocaust slaughterhouses and gas chambers to fuel western obesity….Add Methane to Carbon as an émissions issue with animal farming ..

There is so much focus on Oil and Gas and changes in the automobile industry, any only lip service to sea life drowning in thier billions from animal waste being pumped into the sea,  along with methane from those same animal slaves and yet despite 2 years of Pandemics / Plandemics (depending on your take on it all) caused by people eating the rotting bodies of  diseased farmed animals en mass, yet not one legislated control on the disease driving meat industry has been even presented.

When the CDC Said the highest point of transmission for covid avian flu’s was from the skin of dead fish and chicken against plastic cellaphane packaging, did anyone stop and go damn, time to go vegan ? No the standard response was, eat the infected corpse anyway but wash your hands and wear a paper surgeons mask that won’t stop any transmission whatsoever …

Did IQ’s suddenly drop over night ? Did you ever meet anyone who got covid from eating a banana ?

Call out the legislators, the Economic aids, the covid planners and the money markets that profit from gambling with extinction and diesease for profit, they are not fit to govern anything, certainly not life on this planet with thier own insatiable greed.

Disease by design or just endless cost cutting in the animal slave trade leading to scaled sickness as a norm ? Yet despite oil and gas being the least of the emissions issues out there, Animal Agriculture the BIG bad, remains the white elephant in the global climate change room ! That’s the usual double standards and hypocrisy from the global corporatocracy who gamble with our future.

The stats are always skewed, the meat industry says they are responsable for only 14.5% of Global emissions and oil and gas at 18%,. Oil and gas says they are at 1-3% of global emissions but animal agriculture (methane farts basically) at 28% and so it goes on and on. The bottom line is that we are all talking about dirty heavy oils, emissions and tar sands etc which is the reason why electric cars are the “official” solution to reducing global rising emissions and that is most likly the case because Meat and Dairy pay more in government and senator lobbying than the oil and gas industry along with an element of cultural and class rascism over who owns the oil and who owns the cattle.

So electric cars are the future now, and every one is after a Tesla…

nice work if you can get it..

The problem arrives when every one below the middle management employment bracket is getting fined for driving whatever they can afford, and small business and the regular jane and joe on the street are being penalised for running “dirty” heavy oil vehicles. in the age of “climate change”, what awful awful people right ?


As all eyes are on the electric car market, another great pollution issue for our planet, as well as animal agriculture, gets sidelined .. and that pollution issue is plastic.


Plastic, the biggest consumer waste pollution issue for society to tackle,  or as WE know it in the Vegan RBE, solid form FREE diesel fuel .

Ask yourself why anyone would want to lobby Government to clean up plastic rather than push for conversion ovens and clean it up ourselves, and then use it to drive our fossil fuels vehicules ?

What would happen to oil and gas drilling if nobody used a service station anymore ?

What would happen to levels of plastic waste around the globe if we were using it in our vehicles ?


The public climate change charities, the eco environmental groups, the green wash corporations, all keep plugging the reduce plastic program, its for YOU YOU YOU to reduce your consumption of plastic , yet governments all around the globe are legislating the use of more and more plastic for covid PPE, whilst doing nothing to return use of glass bottles, paper bags and remove all plastic wraps.

Lobbying the government fails to connect the dots that:

– All Governments are funded by oil and gas. They want you to consume plastic
– No Governments have dealt with pollution, Government will ONLY deal with plastic pollution when they are ready to return it to reclaim diesel fuel and resell it to you , the public as a profit and tax deal for central and when oil and gas are well and truly paid off for any restrictive legislation

Do you really just want to give away 6 billion tonnes of FREE solid form diesel fuel anyway ?

Lobbying Government to clean it up means you loose it all and you will most certainly pay the bill for the clean up, as well as buying back that same plastic again later in service stations After “recycling” back to fuel.

How much plastic did you say is out there to reclaim anyway ?

6 billion tonnes of plastic waste

6 billion tonnes of plastic waste, that’s a lot of plastic,  enough to meet the global diesel fuel consumption for 2.7 years before the planet is clean and the waste has been reclaimed. Post all plastic pollution clean up the industry can continue through recycling, collection networks can supply direct to plastics reclaim tech ensuring no plastics pollution issue EVER again.

Most pressure groups such as XR want to the government to get involved and reduce plastic pollution.

Where do WE go as people to get this right when the climate activists are hand in hand in the same game as the legislators ?

Plastics reclaim tech units for every home Can be made for 660 USD each per unit per house. We can recycle our own plastic and have free reclaimed diesel fuel and that means No service stations, no more oil and gas drilling and no more petrol stations again ever.

So check the pay off – electric cars and zero plastics pollution clean up, or, reclaim diesel fuel and global plastic pollution clean up.. there is always a choice on the best way to go though plastics reclaim fuel can be done on a house by house level and without corporate and government engagement.

All Governments, left wing right wing, all of them, have attempted to block patents for plastic reclaim tech to be made available to the general public. All financial transactions made by Government are done using taxes and funding from corporations, donors, Governments don’t have any other money .

It’s Time for a bit of the old anarchpunk mindset of just do it yourself. We don’t want to pay the bill to clean up corporate mess under a Government recycling dictate , or be pressured by green wash climate change movements that work hand in hand with those that profit from the problem in the first place. No TAX Should be taken from workers labour to fix this.

Disengage with corruption and engage in communities to improve our lives , the lives of animals around us and repair the earth by pressuring for patent clearing for plastics waste reclaim tech instead and where that is stonewalled then build the conversion ovens ourselves, (see the how to videos or contact the utility free living website ) free the fuel for the people and start the clean up for the planet.

Consider again the absolute necessity of refusing to vote, pay taxes, and to instead engage in the movement that is actually promoting proper ethical management of our planets resources, whether natural or waste including plastics reclaim tech.

The Vegan Resource Based Economy and the Free World Charter

Tired of waiting on legislation changes and patents to manage your own resources ?

Wan’t to get into the nitty gritty of building your own oven for your community, then take a look at the below “Make your own FREE Diesel from waste plastic videos”

The science works, and patents for home sizes units for houses, schools offices , every building have been pushing for patent sign off for over 15 years.

So remember

You are told to reduce plastics bags and plastics single use, Governments and pressure groups are very keen to tell you to reduce plastic, they are though asking YOU to reduce your solid form diesel free fuel whilist promoting a global plastics PPE program that is utterly useless in the management of the control of diseases.

a case of hypocrisy and double standards from central once again.

That solid form diesel fuel (plastic waste) yet this can be converted back to vehicle grade petrol by a machine the size of an oven (built and tested by Ito in Japan in 2003), patents have been blocked over and over again by oil and gas. It’s been patented, you can have one in every building and drop your plastic straight in it and our the petrol straight in your car .no Waste. No pumps no plastic no Oil drilling and no money to Government lobbyists or oil and gas industry to do it for you.

So should we really be going electric ? It’s obviously a good step if organic, but not by using the strong arm of legislation to demonize existing vehicles and force a shift from one fuel type to another.

Many of these lobbyist  / recycling plans or save the planet schemes are obsessed with demonising diesel, a free fuel waste solution instead of differentiating what’s good and bad about it by pinpointing the source of the fuel between waste reclaim and oil and gas drilling.

XR, Green party, you name it,all lobby Government to clean up pollution rather than actually doing litter picks, building oven sites and distributing free reclaimed diesel fuel themselves.

Read between the lines, avoid the false prophets and sham deals that put money back into industry and governement, be aware of legislation like ULEZ  here in London that are scams to demonise vehicles based on age, manufacturer and cost.

Pollution controls on vehicle emissions are class war –

When a pollution control scheme lets a 5.8 Litre Mercedes drive around London for free but bans a 2 litre transit van or charges fines for travelling in the zone, ask your self the question why.

There is a place for both Heavy Oil vehicles and Electric, Electric is cleaner obviously but the impact of emissions on vehicles is only a quarter of the oil and gas problem and oil and gas pollution is only 1/4 of the pollution created form eating animals across the globe.

If global climate pressure groups and governments REALLY wanted to fix climate change they would end the Meat and Diary industry, support the public in transition to plant based / vegan diets, remove the brakes on reclaim waste fuel oven tech and allow it to go to market and leave the people to start the bulk of the plastics clean up themselves through recycling.

How far can plastics reclaim tech go without corporate intervention,. well heres some other uses of fuel from plasstic trash that people may not have thought about

Disengage yourself from Government sham policies , ignore the corporate media machine, get your own communities putting oven tech together whilst patents are struggling for sign off and stat cleaning up your home areas and producing you own fuel.

Its time to recongnise that industry and government fail the people and the planet and we need to just get this done ourselves with out them.

Liberate our waste resources for recycling.

Plastics reclaim tech should be available for all of us.