Somewhere between The Last Kingdom, Kate Bush and Vikings we find Emaline Delapaix

Somewhere between The Last Kingdom, Kate Bush and Vikings we find Emaline Delapaix …

This morning Emaline Delapaix’s little box of music dropped through the door,. as always, made from the heart, beautiful, magical and attention to story and detail like a Nordic bard of old telling stories to a winter fire.

The whole package is an ethereal experience in music,. an ancient folk music though symbiotically tied to our modern world. It is one to experience..

FISHINABOX were first introduced to Emaline’s magical work five years ago during the filming of Hannibal (anti fur video) and the ongoing Glede Wood alternative living project.

“Bend of the trees”,which is featured in this new release unplugged,  became our soundtrack song for the Glede Wood project and since then Emaline has gone from strength to strength.


Outside of Emaline’s stunning vocals, and the atmospheric journey that the music takes us on, stands a deep and engaging lyrical strength. Emaline captures a balance between her travels, Her ethical veganism and her artistic impressionism, like musical paintings of all that surrounds her, the sound hands on the air around you like canvasses before fading to the ever rolling songsmith as the story audible carries on. She takes time to explore the background to her musical story and this is cleverly supported with selected statements and imagery adding to the whole package.

What’s the blurb on the album:

“Emaline’s nine track album ‘With Every Beat’ includes songs recorded in Scandinavia, Europe and the UK on a grand piano, guitars, synths, mini wurlitzer, mandola and celtic harp including locations in Berlin, the New Forest England and the mystical Faroe Islands. Apart from some winter recording at the wonderful Studio Bloch in Tórshavn capturing some Nordic ambience, the record is 100% DIY; a labour of love which was played, recorded and mixed by Emaline and her partner Lukas with a few guest musician friends on cello, banjo, flute, viola, trumpet, drums and french Horn.

Drawing on many influences from folktronica, art pop, traditional folk, and even a little soft symphonic metal on the song ‘Turmoil of Winter’, the new record is a sonic soundscape interlacing stories and thoughts about current world issues, dealing with animal rights, the lack of female role models in mainstream music, mental health, longing for nature and a simpler life, self worth and the memory loss and death of a beloved Grand parent with alzheimer’s disease. Although at times melancholy, the music is still positive…the title track ‘With Every Beat’ is a kind of mantra to help dissipate negative mental thoughts and body anxiety, instead drawing on the strength we hold in our bodies to fight dark forces and move forward in the world.”

This is an album that will take you to a sacred space, an ancient place, a meditative space, a thinking yet calming pace…

Our recommendation: check this album out, “eave the city , shake of the concrete dust and remember yourself”


hey , got so carried away I almost forgot the link on where to get a copy:


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