The Free Folk Festivals – crops NOT shops outreach South goes North and West

The Free Folk Festivals – crops NOT shops outreach South goes North and West


The Free Folk Festivals, throughout the summer, put out invitations to crops NOT shops and the Vegan RBE, along with Know Your Roots, to attend and run workshops up and down the country at the Free Folk Festivals.

We were also joined on a number of our workshops by the Woodland Woom and Green Elephant Kitchen.

The Music and atmosphere was amazing all over the Country. Between workshops the crew were able to take time for amazing live bands, meditation, yoga, music workshops, talks, food prep, seeding and growing workshops, higher consciousness and how to achieve freedom  to build the RBE Network in an age of deceit, oppression and control.

crops NOT shops traveled from South to North to West , delivering work shops and engaging with like minded folk all over the country to start to put the foundations of a free food network in place, engaging with other growers and people interested in establishing grow sites for the Free Food RBE Network.

What is the RBE Network ?

It is a splinter from the RBE movement, the resource based economy.

It is the rise of the people.

the unifying of communities who do not submit to or trust the intentions or motivations of Government, Industry and the oppressive minions they use to enforce will on the people.

It is reclaiming the resources of the land , air and sea for the purpose of sharing within the community under the ethical guidance of the free world charter.

It is most simply, the people just doing it for themselves.


NOUN the exercise of political authority over the actions and affairs of a group of people and their resources. To hold authority to perform certain functions for this body of people and their resources ; the action of governing;  rule, and, administer the affairs of the nation.

When Government uses the financial muscle of the public fund to subvert media and public opinion  for the determent of the many only to serve their own interests and the interests of a select elite, they are no longer a representative of the people.  It instead becomes the enemy of the people and in turn the policies of this Government (and previous Governments) and its opposition parties are joined at the hip to the continuation of ensuring compliance to the rule of legislation, statues and law, no matter how unjust, to the perpetrating of the division of the class system, profit through war, animal exploitation and enslavement, the rape of our land air and sea resources for corporate deals and the conditioning of the people to fit and agree with the greed and desire of central power through attacking and separating the family unit through state education, work slavery and consumer debt. Rather than central power devolving authority to the people and serving the people as elected and working towards building a better nation and world.

Government does not work for the people it works for its own agenda and is financed by the people to pursue its own unethical aims.

We don’t need Government, for anything. what we need is unity. When the people engage with the RBE Network the need for Government becomes obsolete.

The gathering of the tribes, the festivals, the free folk, the anarchist community, the home growers, utility free living, the RBE Network and the unity of all of them together, is essential to provide us all a way forward in times of such austerity and control and a future without the “grey man”, who nips at the heels of all who shine too brightly, the grey suit devoid of all creativity and happiness, taking his share.

Want to know more about the RBE Network ?


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crops NOT shops speak at the sacred circle 

Know your Roots Kid’s Wonderland Worshop

Know your Roots Monkey Dance Workshop 

Know your Roots  and Hemp Redemption Music Workshops

crops NOT shops outreach stall

crops NOT shops reclaim the land NORTH workshop

Free Folk Sacred Sites


crops NOT shops reclaim the land WEST workshop

Crops NOT shops Free Food Network stall

crops NOT shops seed planting workshop

Want to support crops NOT shops and the RBE Network ?

Find out more about crops NOT shops here:

We are constantly needing supplies, materials, fuel to get sites up and running as quickly as possible, if you are able to help financially in investing in the project please do so using the below link:

Festival CREW Down time

London CLIMATE CHANGE Demo & Parade NOV 29 2015


Vegans EVERYWHERE at London climate change demo NOV 29 2015


This Years Climate Change demo rolled out 50,000 protesters in London from anti Fracking, The Green Party, Greenpeace and an overwhelming turn out from Vegan Groups. Animal Rights platforms London Vegan Actions, FBI Animals, FISHINABOX were also seen throughout the procession raising issues around Animal Agriculture and the Cowspiracy.

Vegan Climate Change activism comes from a number of sources but mainly from the UN reports analyzing the sources of greenhouse gases being tied to 51% from Animal Agriculture (basically Cow Farts and untreated Cow waste feeding into the Sea) and that only 18% was tied back to global pollution oil and gas and petrochemicals.

The Vegan argument lies in that if people en mass stop consuming Meat Dairy and Fish that the 51%main driver for climate change will fall and that is the majority of the problem fixed. Short showers, Cycling to work and turning of the lights when you leave a room certainly is a good ethic bot will not have the same impact on slowing global warming as going vegan will have.

With the amazing range of foods , proteins and alternatives to animal products available in Holland and Barrett and Whole Foods and the now inclusion of oat milk, hemp milk, vegetable proteins hitting the main supermarkets, new vegans are finding that they don’t even see a lifestyle change , just a shift in product.

Whatever the reason for the massive upturn in vegan-ism,. one thing is sure, where 51% of the global warming problem is driven by animal agriculture, continuing to consume meat fish and dairy most certainly will only accelerate the destruction of our ECO and weather systems putting all life at risk of extinction. The question is do you care enough to be bothered to pick up the vegan product or just blindly “its not my problem” carry on ?

Going vegetarian is simply not enough to save the planet. GO VEGAN

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Vegan canvassers worked tirelessly throughout the Climate Change march engaging with the public and handing out leaflets to raise awareness over the impact of animal agriculture on global warming.

WEBSITE0000024dont ask why

Want to find out more about why Veganism is main way forward in tackling climate change or even get involved in the London Vegan Movement  and join the protest group ?

To help fund London Vegan Actions Awareness campaign and support education over the impact of animal agriculture please donate towards printing and leafleting costs to continue the groups work click here:

Check on the below links for snapshots and key facts into what has been branded the “COWSPIRACY” (named after the ground breaking piece of investigative journalism by the same name)

So thinking about Veganism ? Not sure of the numbers ? Here’s a review of the statistics involved in the Vegan Climate Change campaign:

Leading up to Climate Change notable celebrety Russell Brand has also now come forward a NEW Vegan Convert

More Vegan Bloc climate change march links:

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East London Community Events (Day 2 of 2) – Hackney Carnival

East London Community Events (Day 2 of 2) – Hackney Carnival

FISHINABOX set a weekend aside to get involved, help out and join in on East London Community events

Day 2 was spent behind the scenes and on the procession with Paracarnival (Bringing Carnival Therapy to Special Needs) at the Hackney Carnival. Paracarnival is attached to the Paraiso school of Samba.

Hackney Carnival has the feel of a Notting Hill Carnival 25 years ago: less policing, though still a presence, crowd can move freely, space on the pavements, no overcrowding, shops all open and people engage with the crowd. It feels lighter , it feels safer, its a great street event platform for people to get involved and engage in.

We signed up to help making sure everyone performing in the Paracarnival group enjoyed the event, participated and kept up with the procession, the moves and were able to engage with the spirit of Carnival.  Supporting the Carnival Group meant we also had to costume up and dance it out for 5 miles while working with the group.

The Carnival parade placed a support bus behind us so that we were able transfer any one flagging in the group. The route being 5 miles this can really be quite heavy work on some of the participants. Carnival Therapy is an excellent way to create Special Needs engagement into mainstream celebrated community events, though it must be remembered that where other groups only have to focus on the dance and costume aspects of the procession, the Paracarnival has to think that one step ahead. taking into consideration the planned moves, sign language, mobility and attention.

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What did we make of Day 2 on the Community Festival trail ?

Highs – An amazing an engaging experience for everyone, great fun, fantastic , colorful, vibrant, stimulating at all levels. Friendly and a safe atmosphere, excellent use of local schools and changing and preparation sites close to the carnival route. Excellent traffic control with fast taking down of the route so there is no traffic build up after the event. The Carnival has lots of exit points so there is no chance of being kettled. Forward planning in use of the support bus. Lot’s of Media and Press, well funded.

Lows – Serious lack of Toilets…(need more). The route was very long for Special Needs which meant we had to be extra vigilant for signs of fatigue. The dance moves seemed a little fast and complex for the group even we had trouble keeping up with the sign language.

East London Community Events (Day 1 of 2) – Toronto Road, Ilford Art Festival


East London Community Events – Toronto Road, Ilford Art Festival : DAY 1 of 2

FISHINABOX set a weekend aside to get involved, help out and join in on East London Community events

Day 1 was spent on the Toronto Road Arts Festival. Our task, to create some street art to engage the people visiting the event. After a little brainstorming with some of the event committee we constructed a bill board from wood ends we pulled out of skips along the street of the actual event site (Toronto Road) cut all the pieces to size, nailed it all together put it in the street, and invited the community members of all ages to add a little art to the billboard to build up.

This event still in it’s infancy but appealed to all ages and all ethnicities with some clever and ground breaking ways to play with junk, Paper Presses for furniture making, crab apple sculptures (also swept up from the street where the event was held). The event also had members of Para carnival arrange a carnival parade including learning a routine. this paired beautifully with a Zumba Bollywood style dance class, an open mic, street lounge / cafe,.  painters corner, red carpet and the obligatory face painting and food (V) and cake stalls (V) to feed the hungry. As the event is focused heavily on recycling, CleanUpUK were on the event as well to help change behaviour over littering, They formed two litter pick teams of volunteers as fast as snapping your fingers from the people at the event to keep the street spotless.

If you were interested in arranging your own Litter pick or simply just wanted to run a care in the Community campaign then here is the link:

For more info about the Toronto Arts Group and if you were interested in supporting the event then here is the link:

Just when all that was dying down as night fell and we thought we would be done for the day, the festival threw up a pop up Cinema having has a licence to screen on the street. A day on the community festival ended with putting our feet up to Rowan Atkinson starring in”Johnny English”.

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What did we make of Day 1 on the Community Festival trail ?

Highs – An amazing an engaging experience for everyone, great fun, fantastic use of resources literally from recycling on the street. No causalities and no tears. The Carnival workshops and Dance workshops had even the Supporting Met Officers, who had been assigned to the event, (who also painted on the Bill Board) beaming from ear to ear. Definitely not short of Ideas.

Lows – No Toilet…(knock on a door), Where was the local  newspaper”rag” and reporter ? A Community event on their patch you would expect them to be there no ? Definitely Short of a bob or two (funding) for an education and community well being event. We were surprised not to see Jack Petchey Foundation or the Redbridge Community Fund not jumping up and down to fund this. Talk to them.


Nottinghill Carnival – PARACARNIVAL on parade with the Winning Crew


Nottinghill Carnival – PARACARNIVAL on parade with the Winning Crew

Torrential Rains  and cutting ice cold winds hit Nottinghill Carnival this year. Despite the unrelenting British Weather trying putting a dampener on our tropical troops. FISHINABOX “rolled up our sleeves” and got busy on the street parade with Paracarnival (supported by the Paraiso School of Samba and Nottinghill Carnival Parade Winner) to brave the storms and help bring CARNIVAL THERAPY to the streets and the masses.

What is Paracarnival ? 

Paracarnival is a fast growing and exceptionally diverse community of artists, performers and enablers, whose highly inclusive program of Arts of Carnival workshops and legendary carnival performances, engages and unites people of all backgrounds, ages, abilities and vulnerabilities.

Paracarnival have enjoyed a steady increase in membership and in the volume and quality of street art and carnival productions – achieving levels of inclusion and integration unprecedented in the history of Notting Hill Carnival. Each year doubling the length and outreach of the Carnival Therapy program which generally runs the full six month CARNIVAL Season –  June through to the New Year’s Day parade.

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Interested in supporting CARNIVAL THERAPY ?

Follow the below link to a short workshops video and funding page. Paracarnival can only do this work with your help, support dig deep and enjoy the show: