Nottinghill Carnival – PARACARNIVAL on parade with the Winning Crew


Nottinghill Carnival – PARACARNIVAL on parade with the Winning Crew

Torrential Rains  and cutting ice cold winds hit Nottinghill Carnival this year. Despite the unrelenting British Weather trying putting a dampener on our tropical troops. FISHINABOX “rolled up our sleeves” and got busy on the street parade with Paracarnival (supported by the Paraiso School of Samba and Nottinghill Carnival Parade Winner) to brave the storms and help bring CARNIVAL THERAPY to the streets and the masses.

What is Paracarnival ? 

Paracarnival is a fast growing and exceptionally diverse community of artists, performers and enablers, whose highly inclusive program of Arts of Carnival workshops and legendary carnival performances, engages and unites people of all backgrounds, ages, abilities and vulnerabilities.

Paracarnival have enjoyed a steady increase in membership and in the volume and quality of street art and carnival productions – achieving levels of inclusion and integration unprecedented in the history of Notting Hill Carnival. Each year doubling the length and outreach of the Carnival Therapy program which generally runs the full six month CARNIVAL Season –  June through to the New Year’s Day parade.

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Interested in supporting CARNIVAL THERAPY ?

Follow the below link to a short workshops video and funding page. Paracarnival can only do this work with your help, support dig deep and enjoy the show:





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