LONDON LIFE – From Pollution to Solution – ACT NOW – Breathe Vegan Air


LONDON LIFE – From Pollution to Solution – ACT NOW – Breathe Vegan Air

From “Chem trails”, to “Vaxed” , “Mogellons”, airborne pesticides and the flu jab right down to Traffic Pollutions bad boy the “Diesel Demon”, our immune systems are under attack, to impact our health, drive shop stock pharmaceutical sales up and enslave us to the healthcare megalomaniacs that own these invisible killers.

(Do you get the flu jab? / Are you or your Children Autistic ? / Are you Asthmatic ? Do you get rheumatism or Arthritis ?)

(Morgellons  are listed as  a collective Reality Asylum where  you are breathing Ethylene Dibromide, nano-particles of aluminium, barium, stronium and cationic polymer fibers with unidentified bio-active material. Long term chronic exposure to such toxins destroy the bodies immune system, leaving you vulnerable to serious infections, chronic health problems linked to auto immune dysfunction and hybrid cancers)

With nine thousand deaths a year in London on the official stats logs linked to pollution issues in the capital; is our health, our daily health, the casualty of a corporate/political war for a staged attempt to control our health and life lines and boost drugs sales under the guise of transportation pressures ? The Question keeps raising it’s head.

Globalization pushes people into the cities forcing population to soar in restricted areas and resources to be mismanaged and strained; whilst in the zones, outside the cities, land lies fallow and under resourced. Corporate pharmaceuticals appear to push their sales agenda through unscrupulous means and misinformation, cancers that never seem to have cures yet the research companies funding finds itself in off shore banking whilst peddling animal testing as the  way forward (British “Heartless” Foundation has been referred in investigations on line), with only 1% of results from animal trials ever having any relevance to research.

pollution to solution

The population of the western world is plugged in to the “I buy , therefore I am” automon cult. willfully ignorant and seemingly no longer equipped to even question the operation of the world around them. in the last election the majority of the british people voted for arms trade with the middle east, war against families mothers and children, anti terror laws despite losing human rights, brexit suicide, class war divisions, racism and escalating animal abuse.

The policies were blatantly clear in manifesto, yet the people voted for them. Is this really a nation of animal  abusers racist imperialist warmongers or is it more so that the voting public are automatons, unable to make their own judgement ? Opposition policies equally bland,  build on the marxist lie, left or right wing the political scene is all part of one party – the self wing. The people voted it in.

And yet,.even when we are being gassed , injected or fed chronic poisons licensed by the so called democracy that the peoples majority chose, this nation of self oppressed and oppressing idiots tugs the forelock and just carries on.



The Anti pollution mask is now being marketed and branded as a fashion item, A Vogmask or a Cambridge Company General are a wise addition in the unseen toxic tides that rage around us.

There is a distinct and absolute necessity in masking up if you want to reduce risks of  lung and throat cancer, but seriously, is this how you want to live ? The soot on our streets is driven into the heart of the city by rampant capitalism known under the banner and catch phrase of “globalisation” and it will kill you and I.

In the US studies by Dr. Michael Greger and Gene Stone showed that 100% of deaths in old age pensioners were caused by disease, not old age. death by old age does not exist. we are killed by disease, whilst the World Heath Organisation wastes funding on destroying and torturing animals instead of releasing the cures for serious diseases and restricting the manufacture of new strains of disease. It took 3 years to split the atom and yet cancer research are still peddling the “old story” that after 50 years they can’t cure cancer ?

There are endless issues in the pollution of our lives , the earth around us, the air, the animals, to even touch on in this post, though by researching into the above , phrase by phrase,  you will open your eyes to the lies we live under.

There is a way forward though,  a view past the punitive limitations of the banal society that our lives are irresponsibly gifted to by our parents and peers. the way forward is the Venus Project.

Choose a path in life that works with other people for the greater good of all society. A movement that works against pyramid power structures, money, war, greed and oppression. A World that uses resources instead of deliberately wasting them to create demand and keep prices high. A world where there is no war because there is nothing to fight over. Breathe Vegan Air. I use the term Vegan for what it represents in purity and health, both physical as well as spiritual and mental health.

There is a way to evolve and cast off the outdated oppression of so called gods and masters for the greater good.


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Media and Artwork – With Thanks to: Andie Handei Kumafaro, Philip McCulloch-Downs (

It is time to embrace a deeply satisfying realisable and spiritual concept that goes against a lifetime of brainwashing, a lifetime of school, army, church, of war and the inevitable oxymorons like war heros (killing does not make us heros), Friendly fire (shooting people is never friendly, fresh frozen (frozen is never fresh) and Happy Meals (enslaving torturing and murdering other creatures can never be happy) , Faith Divides Us and Death Unites Us are all traits of the satanic rather than the divine.

Cast off the blind fold, see the mirror then see the world around for what it truly is. It is time to atone for our earthly crimes of ignorance and avarice by making genuine meaningful change rather than playing lip service through rasping lies. To actually rise up and sing with your heart rather than just move your mouth to the words.

Embrace a Resource Based Existence (RBE). Corporate puppets “the governments” have spent 40 years trying to burying the RBE program. yet they never realised that we are all seeds.


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