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Shaida , Persian Dark Cabaret Museo. World travelling Performer, Song Writer, Musician and Linguist Stopped in London for a two day recording session before jetting off on her Global Schedule which takes her From Paris, to Tehran to Los Angeles. She cut some amazing Diva vocals a la arabesque for the Album Message in the Sand.

Shaida’s dynamic range and stage sets have covered, Chanson Engagé, Jazz Manouche, Dance Theatre, Franco Arab Hip Hop and Rap, Rhythm and Blues, Trad Jazz, Opera, Folk and Soul. A Lead Stage vocalist Shaida has excelled at the most demanding stage shows including Circus Cabaret. Musically shes is the Amanda Palmer of Iran. Delivering a stunning set of vocal masterpieces on Message in the Sand, Shaida’s ability to switch from SOUL DIVA right across the spectrum to the Arabesque reminiscent of Natacha Atlas is outstanding. Look out for her on the New Release MESSAGE IN THE SAND The Album at FISHINABOX RECORDS.


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