Philip Downs in Print – Mother Nature’s Fantasy Masterpiece light in a dark place – The Curious Tale of Otto and Trinity Small


Philip Downs in Print – Mother Nature’s Fantasy Masterpiece light in a dark place – The Curious Tale of Otto and Trinity Small

Philip Downs, an accomplished artist with 19 books under his belt explores elements of living in harmony with nature, the oppressive and negative effects of organised religion, and of the long-lasting effects of kind hearts and innocence in a dark and troubled world.

In a world of ever accelerating consumerism and unchecked forced and unethical brand marketing dark times lie ahead of us, in making the right choices for the planet, for our communities and the land we  share with the animals and walk on. There will be a time when we must choose between what is convenient, perhaps easy and what is truly the right thing to do.

When we, in our daily lives are exposed to the harsh realities of profiteering destruction and violence it seems like a fantasy, an unbelievable world where Mother Nature has been chained and the madness of greed and self .deification of the wealthy elite reigns supreme. It is at these times that fantasy becomes the ultimate medium to build good ethical magical core beliefs and behaviours and it is in these stories where true happiness can be found, even in the very darkest of times, if one we, each one of us remembers to turn on the light for others to see by.

Phillp Downs, painstakingly detailed and stunning masterpiece “The Curious Tale of Otto and tarinity Small is one such work as this.


A heavily illustrated (by the author) story of mad gods, kind hearts, and of two children who embark on a journey around the world that takes them six hundred years to complete. Along the way they encounter tales of demons trapped by salt, magical horticulturists, impossibly burning men, sun gods and hearth sprites and the history of the world being changed by a single firefly.

Lush graphics such as “The Six Hundred year journey” that accompany the book are also being rolled out in special art Prints in addition to the book.


One of a kind, be sure to get your self a copy on the below direct order sales link NOW:


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