WINTER IS HERE at the RETREAT – Feed them all – Fundraising NOW !


WINTER IS HERE at the RETREAT – Feed them all – Fundraising NOW ! Reg Charity 1105654

In looking to be part of building a more enlightened world where humans remember their dignity and show compassion and love to all others, regardless of sex, race, age, gender, disability or species; the Retreat finds the continued exploitation, abuse, bullying, violence against and murder of animals in today’s society totally degrading and unacceptable and work tirelessly to help the voiceless make it past the last chance.

There are over 1250 animals at the retreat, the founders and volunteers rescue these animals from abuse, neglect and privation and provide them with a forever home. A fully Vegan sanctuary, this is the last stop in their life line for without rescue centres, there is no tomorrow for these animals.

Winter is on them and at 700 pounds a week to cover feed let alone general supplies, the Retreat needs to widen its net of support. With that in mind FISHINABOX have joined the fight to “FEED THEM ALL”. We need you to do the same.

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Some people wonder why we help animals in need, personally I wonder why THEY wonder. There is nothing so rewarding, healing and meaningful as to mend a broken life, to restore happiness where fear have leached in to the bones of a sentient being due to heinous acts of cruelty, all in all this as much to do with Human Wrongs as it is to do with Animal Rights.

Be part of the change. Support the rescue and provide us with what we need to ensure a healthy, happy and long life.


The Pigs Halloween Party:

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The Retreat had recently been fundrasing for Pig Sheds though funding was in short supply, we need to secure financing for the target shortfall as winter is on us :

Majestic Equidae:

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Equidae Friends:

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Bovine Beauty (& Shaun the Sheep):

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Galloanserae, and Galliformes, not just a poultry issue:

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In addition to direct donations for feed, the Retreat also look for assistance with buildings and maintenance , blankets and covers and equipment for the café.

There is also an Amazon wish list is available for direct purchases for the rescue centre:

Photography courtesy of:  Samuel Mounir Hardeman, Andie Handei Kumafaro, Joanna Hardeman

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