Animal Rescue Workers talk at The Retreat Animal Sanctuary – Registered CHARITY 1105654

Animal Rescue Workers talk at The Retreat Animal Sanctuary – Registered CHARITY 1105654

Deep in the heart of the Kent Countryside, lies The Retreat Animal Sanctuary.

The Retreat is the last chance saloon for saving Animals that have been victims of abuse, neglect, Privation, Malnourishment and all manner of mistreatment in and around the ferociously intensive and without exception, unethical animal agriculture for profit industry.

As well as Animal Rescue work, the site is a hub of social engagement, on open days giving people the change to connect and spend time with the rescue animals as well as running a number of events in the classroom touching all aspects of Animal Well being, Veganism and even subjects such as the Resource Based Economy.

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This is a sanctuary that brings compassion and understanding of the dilemmas of a world profiteering off Animal Agriculture and the truth of the real costs on the lives subjected to it to the people on a directly 1 2 1 personal level though direct interaction with the thankfully rescued former victims of the systematic abuse of the animal agriculture industry.

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The Retreat is driven by site owner Billy Thompson and Neil Davies along with  a fiercely committed team of Vegan volunteers. The site is now a forever home for over 1250 animals and running costs are at 10,000 pounds a month.

The site is open to all though does have a strict Vegan policy that any food or clothing that is form animal product is widely discouraged. The Site boasts an excellent Café with an exceptionally wide menu and great price points. Also on site is a Charity Shop and Cow’s Cottage Holiday Home.

The Retreat, as a forever home, holds the ethical Higher ground. It is Fully staffed and run as a Vegan Sanctuary

– no kill shelters for unwanted animals when they are not rehomed,

– no horse riding (main cause of spinal damage in horses) or work housing livestock as is seen in some “working rescues”

– no breeding , lambing or culling, (as we found in another NON-Vegan Rescue in the isle of wight where they were charging for petting of goats and stocking goat meat for sale in the freezers, though when challenged to disclose to the “pay to pet” parents and children where last years animals were sadly in the shop freezer, became highly aggressive.)

Funding for the site is critical and there are a number of adoption and subscription programs that people can contribute to to help further the Charities work.

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This Rescue is one that is in genuine need of support, it represents excellent ethical policy and is a hive of knowledge in Animal Husbandry and rescue.

Support them.

Get socially engaged with the work and embrace a Vegan ethic and lifestyle.



WINTER IS HERE at the RETREAT – Feed them all – Fundraising NOW !

In addition to direct donations for feed, the Retreat also look for assistance with buildings and maintenance , blankets and covers and equipment for the café.


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Photography courtesy of:  Andie Handei Kumafaro,

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