The pressure is relentless from the fan base and local community to start running some recipes in the news feed,. That’s all well and good though it takes an astronomical amount of attention for a seasoned vegan vegtable chopper to stop look and think about whats actually going into a dish to make it what it is and be able to scribble it down in some sort of sense or logic that can be followed by kitchen cadets. so here we go,. i will ramble and write and hopefully in the process will deliver for you the means to put this vegan masterpiece on your table. whether for guests or just to impress……anyone even your self… this is a must food flagship of vegan Asian fusion. So with no more ado,. lets get to it and GO VEGAN  !!

STEP 1 – Take two tins , yes tins, boites / boxes / cans whatever you call them.. tins of braised tofu…nope we are not going to grow it in the FISHINABOX garden or ask for ancient virgins to press it in their wrinkly but holy hands for us in muslin sacks that were once worn by travelling Buddhist pilgrims… no no,,, we simply get two tins of Braised Tofu and chuck it in a big Tupperware bowl much like the picture below…


Questions may be asked when you do this, such as how come my braised tofu doesn’t have all that funky sauce with it ? Well that’s simply because I haven’t told you how and what it is that needs adding. Quite simply I can’t really remember everything i put in it but with a little help from friends i can just go into auto kitchen robot mode and then can write down what i do.

So here it is: 2 inch of fresh ginger grated , one teaspoon of madras curry paste (yes straight from a jar, you think theres time to make up spices as well ?) sweet tamarind sauce (shitloads of that obviously) some garlic salt, chilli flakes , black pepper , iodine salt. a twist of each spice grinder and then a few more and then after sniffing like “a pug over dog poo in the park” for a few minutes a few twists more…

Once that is done… turn over without breaking up the tofu chunks, cover and chuck it in a fridge. Then just chill out while you are waiting, log on line , say hi to friends, try on clothes, have a nap, put your feet up, do Druidic ceremonies…….. whatever floats your boat as you leave the Marinade in the Fridge everything will be peachy…

druid priestess

2 DAYS LATER………………..

OK. Here we go again. Lets pull the Marinaded braised tofu out of freddy the freak brothers fridge and start cooking. Before starting to cook, you must ensure you have put some money on the gas meter or tapped into next doors line or your culinary cooking experience might be cut short as the power literally cuts out.

Now lets see, a few mushrooms, about a box will do, 3 plump and squidgy tomatoes 3 massive onions, the sort that Catalan farmers with donkeys eat raw in European cinema period classics eat and you have all the ingredients you need.

Fry the onions until browning in the pan and add the tomatoes and mushrooms as the mushrooms start to soften add the braised tofu marinade all in and heat through..about 15 minutes does it until the marinade thickens and its ready to eat. Wahay !! wasn’t that simple ?


Sometimes people want to serve it up with a few sides ,. I would just add a simple Rice and mixed beans as it really doesn’t need anything more. wash the rice, cook the rice (add about a inch of water over the top of the rice and boil down lowering heat so that it doesn’t burn) until white and fluffy and thrown in the mixed beans, mix it and serve.


And that is all there is too it people.

There is some cool stuff about the key stuff about the amazing health benefits of tamarind and ginger etc.. its all good stuff, but then a vegan diet is simply that “all good stuff”, no corpses, no chemicals, etc,. good karma , torture free amazing food.. GO VEGAN and enjoy the revolution whilst sitting on your arse having second helpings…


GINGER: Ginger is among the healthiest (and most delicious) spices on the planet. It is full to the brim of nutrients and bio-active compounds (what a great word – B to the I to the O to the A to the C to the T to the I to the V to the E) that have powerful benefits for your body and brain. Gingerol is the main bio-active compound in ginger, responsible for much of its medicinal properties. It has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Sounds good ? lets find out more…

12 Ways You Can Benefit From Ginger

TAMARIND: Tamarind is a very well known herb having many uses such as culinary (That means basically cooking) , medicinal (drugs man !! woo yeah), ornamental uses (left on the surface too long and went hard) and as an economic dye ( color-fest) . Its botanical name is Tamarindus indicas (but no one uses that anymore even the starry old scrouts just call it Tamarind these days).

OFFICIAL VERDICT: Tamarind is included in daily diet as it has many health benefits that are sure to keep you healthy or improve you overall health.

7 Amazing Benefits of Tamarind


Well that’s about all for now folks, try out this sudo-recipe here. and message me in the contact form. Did you like it or did you give it to the cat as vegan cat food ? (vegan cat food online, meat catfood comes from slaughterhouse scarp and skinned animal from the fur industry – nasty !) did i miss out any ingredients ? Send me your dinner table pics all sweet and loving smiles and if i get something verginig on positive feedback. i’ll post up another recipe. ENJOY !!!

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