YESTERDAY’S NEWS TODAY – Un-Writing the so called “truth” conspiracy


YESTERDAY’S NEWS TODAY – Un-Writing the so called “truth” conspiracy NUMBER ONE

(What did you miss ? What was hidden from you ? VEGAN ANARCHIST REVOLUTION SYMBOL)

This was one of those odd meetings  in Westminster Station on the circle line concourse today, Just a hoodie who i used to know in the early days of setting up the FISHINABOX, part of the early crew who dropped out to drop out permanently (but said he’s more dropping “in” as dropping “out” is about taking what the system gives you up the backside) and who still keeps enough tabs on my movements to know me. It was refreshing, catching up n some of the early Album socio-political ideas we shared

He finds me in the crowd, comes up to me,  standing up close and talking like we had secrets to tell but no real secrets of any consequence. For the sake of argument, let’s call him “Yesterdays news today”, and I (writing this article) , Kumafaro the trumpet player, finally giving him the space he is looking for to add to the overall FISHINABOX message.

“Yesterday’s news Today” gave me his paper, he’s no fixed abode these days he says. I look at his hands, and ask about the paper, “is there a story in it” I ask looking at the scribbled cover and then to his hands scarred with cigarette burns and knuckles grazed, dirt under the fingernails and a graying unshaven look, nothing sinister just a few days out of digs is all,.

I flick through the pages of the News rag, it’s chaos, black ink everywhere, incoherent in places,. but what i pick up is the certain issues , short notes in his own way, that make me think, that yes, this is the news that they un-write in the editing rooms, it might even be subcioncious but its there, these are the underlying issues with whats being put out to the public,. the message behind the story that’s always hidden, the scam , the lie , the double standard.  I smile , Yesterday’s news today makes perfect sense as part of the news feed, chaos or not.. its relevant. relevant to our daily city lives, relevant because this is how journalism and the media keep us tuned in to shit while not picking up whats important in a story.. Yesterdays news today,.has rewritten the news.

After photographing the pages on the station concourse, i did the right thing and dropped the newspaper into the next Circle line carriage heading towards liverpool street. This post is for “Yesterdays news Today”. If the paper gets picked up by anyone and they track it back to the news feed here, hey send me a picture with your self and the paper and ill post it on the story feed, i will also trade it with you for a FISHINABOX CD……… just for the fun of the finding..

In the meantime lets roll out the content. “Yesterday’s news Today” says he will run some more as long as we post articles about them,. I suppose its actually a kind of fan mail of a sort. We are obliged to pixel-ate some of the content on the ad’s such as branding and features otherwise the pages are as were photographed on the station concourse…So let’s take a look at what “Yesterday’s news Today” delivered………


PAGE: Fashion Fur Add

CAPTION: The real fashion victims in the world are the animals skinned alive for your vanity



PAGE: Price of flats (in London) jump 60%

CAPTION: Because the Elite “Buy to Leave” Qaatari’s etc want you to fund their A lister lifestyle


PAGE: Tube strike just 3 people voted for

CAPTION: Where Managers DON’T manage, Workers DON’T work

IMG_5295 IMG_5296

PAGE: Fashion spread on Star’s new Style

CAPTION: Bubble gum Pop on Plastic Transistors – Harry Styl’es finest moment = “DONT GO TO SEAWORLD”

PAGE: Woman gets overly flirty with David Beckham in an interview

CAPTION: Promote sex and temptation for married men ? You sold me your love as a conspiracy but it was only a social obscenity (Lyrics from SOLD the punk operetta)



PAGE: The pig sex accusation story with David Cameron



PAGE: Burger Advert

CAPTION: Humanity will die in a sea of Cow Farts. Meat is Murder with animal torture and Bovine Growth Hormone



PAGE: Why should God save the Queen ?

CAPTION: Divine right is not divine it is achieved by subjugation of the masses. The very existence of God /State / Church is oppression to everyone’s right to freedom of choice


NOTE: FISHINABOX would interpret the above as “The very existence of the belief in the existence of…….”


PAGE: VW diesel deception court case



PAGE: Article on Prince William air force service

CAPTION: Fight War not Wars. Create hero’s to create support – Royal rule is through subjugation of the nation not divine right


PAGE: Sale deal for Broadband

CAPTION: Because you must never miss that next tweet, but you might walk into a bus reading it



PAGE: Britain greats first refugees

CAPTION: Message in the Sand. 20K on the way, 4 million homeless. NO – Europe’s refugee crisis caused by European Development Funding Syria’s refugee crisis


PAGE: Mobile phone Advert

CAPTION: Because your old phone has it stopped working ?


PAGE: Obituary article and legal case on sporting stars

CAPTION: People will believe anything if you print it in a newspaper



PAGE: Fingerprint germ technology

CAPTION: Chem Trail Conspiracy is real

#1984 #GATTACA

PAGE: Bay City Rollers drinking Milk

CAPTION: MILK – Early on set puberty, Gender confusion, ADD, ADHD, Bowel Cancer, Animal Torture (VEGAN ANARCHIST REVOLUTION SYMBOL)



PAGE: Fashion add with Discount

CAPTION: The discount is not good enough so let’s use an over sexualised model to further objectify women – BEAUTY – This is a marketing lie, – BEAUTY – Sunset on a mountain is beautiful / A Dolphin in the wild is beautiful


IMG_5306 IMG_5307

PAGE: Tycoon up’s the price of AIDS medicine from £9 to £500

CAPTION: The creation of elitism, capitalism and pyramid power, something to be proud of ? This man holds the power of life or death over AIDS sufferers. Why ? What society allowed this to happen ? Profiteering of health issues

PAGE: Belgian food bug

CAPTION: All processed food is poison


PAGE: Bleach and cleaning product ad’s

CAPTION: Bleach everything because the fish in the oceans need it.


PAGE: Cosmetics advert

CAPTION: Don’t forget to check PETA for the ones that still do animal testing. A moisturizer can’t be any good if 30 rabbits and cats have died to produce it.



PAGE: Advert for Football game

CAPTION: Don’t play football, don’t exercise, don’t get fit. Sit on your arse in your living room and play it so that later in life you will be dependent on prescription medicines


PAGE: Another article on the David Cameron Piggy scandal



PAGE: Good Deeds page

CAPTION: The only article of value in the whole newspaper


PAGE: Well know Knightsbridge store announces sale

CAPTION: We stock Fois Gras, Fur and it’s all unethically sourced because we care about profits NOT people.


PAGE: Marine Le Pen on trial

CAPTION: The far right in France are very knowledgeable about Nazi Germany #OBVIOUS

PAGE: Car theft, shipped to Uganda

CAPTION: We know where you are. Credit Finance, Buy now pay later


PAGE: 500 Year old Butchers

CAPTION: What would the culinary retards do if they couldn’t get their meat ?



PAGE: Bank load advert

CAPTION: Banks need you to feel inadequate so they can profiteer of you. Interest is a debt prison. (VEGAN ANARCHIST REVOLUTION SYMBOL)


PAGE: Veteran soldier killed back home

CAPTION: Fight war not wars, destroy power not people #VICTIMS (VEGAN ANARCHIST REVOLUTION SYMBOL)


PAGE: Debt advert for remortgages

CAPTION: Take on more debt, save the bankers as they need more COKE !


PAGE: Hands in the till charity boss



PAGE: Positive affirmations

CAPTION: You need this because everyday the system works subliminally to undermine your confidence


PAGE: James Dean the movie

CAPTION: All cigarettes apart from “American Spirit” are animal tested. Get people to start smoking again with a boygirl pinup.


PAGE: Celebrating Music mega stars

CAPTION: Let’s promote social decadence as the new “black” – Why ? Cocaine abuse is not class.



CAPTION: Don’t talk to your kids or spouse tonight, Watch TV instead ?


PAGE: Quiz page

CAPTION: Occupy your mind with games instead of thinking


PAGE: London stop dreaming


IMG_5340 IMG_5341

PAGE: Fur Advert

CAPTION: Make it Fake.  FAKE FUR . The real fashion victims are the animals skinned alive for your vanity


PAGE: Pop star interview about behavioral disorders

CAPTION: Drop the Milk !

The Newspaper was full of captions on every page, we have just put up a sample of them here for acknowledgement.

The principle of re-writing the news with the underlying issues put back is an eye opener to how much we are all being brainwashed, conditioned and sold in to consumer slavery.

Though I post the article for an old colleague  who dropped “in”  rather than “out” I also hope that some of the content here strikes a chord with people, that they can take a second glance at a daily news paper and realize that there is more behind the story that the pitiful drivel the gets plastered across celebrity lifestyle sections and the latest fashion or trend.

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