VEGAN KITCHEN – 2 Quick & Easy Meal Planners: Maltese Tease / Soy-A-Ckee


VEGAN KITCHEN – 2 Quick & Easy Meal Planners: Maltease Tease / Soy-A-Ckee

We have been getting a lot of requests for some lunch menu’s quick cooks, to add a little spice and flavour into your vegan days, with that in mind we will be posting up some short and super simple meal planners, you can serve them with Rice, you can service them with pasta (durum wheat only no egg obviously) or even on toast or a bed of salad.

First up we have the Maltese Tease, its a tease because you can’t help picking at it while it is cooking, and  it’s a tease as its not really Maltese, it has all the flavours of a Maltese Classic and I first threw it together over looking Mellieha-Bay from a family pad high up on the cliff tops and its proved to be a definite “must have” Mediterranean sensation.


Simple set of Ingredients,. Tomato juice (carton) or plummet of tomatoes (remove the skins), as base is tomato (juice) onions (3 whole) garlic (6 cloves), add the mushrooms (usually they use meat chunks in Malta, so we obviously use mushroom or Soya, or instead, to get the right volume of protein from the Mushrooms use a box {3 cups full} about 6 grams protein).

Then add a spoon of sweet tamarind sauce, and a teaspoon of Dijon wholegrain mustard, no less no more.

Last in is the Fennel, which grows on every sngle road and in every garden, wall and pile of stone or rubble in Malta, finely chopped and in it goes. Spice with Mediterranean mixed herbs and a tea spoon and a half of Chinese five spice.


And butternut squash and Carrots, pre-boiled to soft, then sliced olives, half with stuffed peppers and half with garlic and seasoning, next up is sage and tarragon, a bunch of tarragon finely chopped and about 10 -12 sage leaves finely chopped. Cook it all down until sauce thickens and then serve it on what ever you like or fancy……


Next up is the Soy-A-Ckee, A so so very very simple throw it all in the pan , add the pre-soaked Soya chunks ( pre-soaked in vegetable Swiss bouillon stock), vegetables are courgettes and green peppers cut in chunks, onions and garlic in the base , salt, black pepper and garlic salt to flavour  then cook until creamy.

IMG_0020 IMG_0025IMG_0022

Serve with any sides, we choose to serve with sides of sweetcorn, rice and broccoli and then some baked beans (glucose fructose corn syrup free). So there you go, simple easy to cook up day planner meals.

IMG_0023 IMG_0024  IMG_0026

What’s so good about Ackee ? apart from its amazing buttery creamy texture, this fruit has been royally punished in cuisine as a side for the usual funeral of “salt fish”, of all things ! Ackee stands on it’s own as an excellent alternative to any cream and dairy use in savory cooking  to thicken and enrichen dishes.

The ONLY thing to watch on Ackee, is that until the seed pods are open (ripe) the fruit is poisonous, so if you can’t get a supply of live outside the harvesting area then you can simply pick it up in a tin. As its cooked down in our recipe , tinned does the job.

Whats in the Ackee ?

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