Flower in the Desert زهرة في الصحراء – Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness

Flower in the Desert زهرة في الصحراء – Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness

Li Webster returns to centre stage on the release of the New FISHINABOX Album Message in Sand: https://www.facebook.com/FishinaboxRecords


After a seemingly endless voice on voice over , part over part, to complete layer by layer the full choral effect for the backing track through the album, Li showed her versatility in creating the perfect shadow and mood for the delivery for the Poem of Mourning ,”Flower in the Desert” . A sorrowful , horrific but stark text on a tragic tale of suicide.

Thoughts on “Flower in the Desert ?”:
…Whatever the subject matter, no matter now difficult to work with morally , we have an obligation to add depth and meaning to our work , and even if possible seed even a grain of beauty within, even if melancholy, so that light can be found in even the darkest of places..”

She has already proved invaluable in stepping into the Role as the Angry feminist on SOLD the Album. Laying down a perfect balance of disdain and anger that paces the tension perfectly without losing the comedy in the storyboard.

Li Webster was drawn to the microphone following her strong leaning to jazz ballads, and as a well versed sultry siren, a smoke kissed bar vixen of the open mic scene on the London’ s Jazz circuit, Li brings an ethereal but centre strong voice to the FISHINABOX project.




(melancholy and the infinite sadness)

Syrian Dialect Arabic

خَطَفُوهُمْ , بِنْتين , لا تَلاتِه . وَئْتْ رَجَعُوْهُم كَانُو يَائْسِينْ . صَارُو يْفَكْرُو بِلْ اِنْتِحَارْ . هَادْ الشِي عَبِصِيْر دَائِمَاً .نِحْنَا بِخَطَرْ .فِيْ بَنَاتْ عَبِخَلُوْهُمْ يْشْتِغْلُو بِلْ دَعَارَه .نِحْنَا بِخَطَرْ.

(They took them, 2, no I think 3 girls. When they brought them back they were depressed. They talked about suicide. It happens all the time. We are in danger. Some girls are made to work as prostitutes. We are in Danger.)

Lyrics Translation from Syrian Dialect to Contemporary Arabic

قد اخذوهم , اثنتان ,لا بل ثلاثة فتيات.عندما اعادوهم قد كُنًّ محبطات .تكلمنًّ عن الانتحار.ان ذلك يحصل دائماً.نحن في خطر .بعض الفتيات قد اجبروا على العمل في الدعارة .نحن في خطر.

Survivors are very reluctant to report rape due to extreme and restrictive cultural values and stigma. Survivors are very unlikely to seek support due to the risk of being killed by their families, shame and fear of facing a continued cycle of physical and sexual violence including honor killing, survival sex, increased risk of early and coerced marriage, domestic violence and risk of suicide are all issues of concern. Fundamentally Women do not have safe access to reliable services and support.

Persian (Farsi)

جسد ۳دختر جوانی که به منطقه امنی در ایران فرستاده شده بودند، یک روز بعد از رسیدنشان در حالی که خود را حلق اویز کرده بودند، در جنوب ساختمانهایی که به انها مکان داده شده بود پیدا کردند.
احتمال میرود که این ۳نفر تحمل شرمساری تجاوزی که به انها شده بود نداشتند و دست به خودکشی زدند.

(Unable to bear the humiliation and social stigma attached to rape, 3 refugee girls who had transferred from camps in neighboring countries to safe facilities in Iran were found hanged south of the housing blocks the morning after arrival. An open verdict of suicide in all three cases has been recorded.)

Rape is becoming increasing widespread throughout the Syria fallout conflict zone. One new study reports that rape has become so prevalent that it is a factor in driving thousands of Syrian families into exile.

Syrian Dialect Arabic

. هَادْ الشِي عَبِصِيْر دَائِمَاً .نِحْنَا بِخَطَرْ

(We are in danger, it happens all the time)

. صَارُو يْفَكْرُو بِلْ

(They talked about committing suicide)

. هَادْ الشِي عَبِصِيْر دَائِمَاً .نِحْنَا بِخَطَرْ

(We are in danger, it happens all the time)

. هَادْ الشِي عَبِصِيْر دَائِمَاً .نِحْنَا بِخَطَرْ

(We are in danger, it happens all the time)

. هَادْ الشِي عَبِصِيْر دَائِمَاً .نِحْنَا بِخَطَرْ

(We are in danger, it happens all the time)

A Flower in the Desert,
Hanging from the Tree
Blood Red ,. Shifts still uncomfortably

A Flower in Desert,
Plucked from Life,
Twitching still on failing sunset breeze

A Flower in the Desert
Body Broken, Stripped in rage
Neck wrenched painted red in unnatural Shame

A Flower in the Desert
Eyes plucked clean,
Worn on Crow’s Claws , ornaments and rings

A Flower in the Desert
Condemning still
Unlawfully desecrated, Bartered for a meal

A Flower in the Desert
Vain curses voiced
violation, rape betrayal of youthful joy

A Flower in the Desert
Bodily forget,
Seek Peace in Death
Feeding the dust in tainted regret

A Flower in the Desert
Guilt for silver changing hands
Death cheats the deal the never has

A Flower in the Desert
Mournful Release
Violent Violate bodily disbelief

Heed not the breathless whispers
Nor voices do the dead dispose
Heinous acts against innocents
Crimes never to be disclosed

Frenzied, Hateful unfathomable desires
Claim and Consume the fruit of youth
Nothing left but the rotting knot
Upon the asphyxiating rope of truth

These are the victims of war
Forever lost, the brightest lights
These are the Victims of war
Mankind chose a Dominion of Violence

©℗ 2014 FISHINABOX (All rights reserved)

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