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Baked Apple Sultana Topsy Turvy Turnover – Fire Pit Feasting 01

This was one of the most popular  desserts we put out there and two slabs lasted no longer than four minutes between four of us,  a feverish feasting on a par with the freakishly named “Sweet but Rotting Banana Bread”.

So what is so special about An apple turnover ? Not a lot actually, It is a sort of small, typically English individual pie or pasty, in which the filling is placed on one side of a piece of rolled-out pastry and the other side is then turned over’ to cover it. The term “turnover” is first recorded at the end of the eighteenth century: an old woman preparing her turnovers, commonly called apple-pies’ and finding that the problem of the filling just pissing out as the pastry rises all over the baking tray could be solved by “turning the apple pie over” (Sporting Magazine, 1798).  A sweet spicy fruit filling is the norm.

What makes the Topsy Turvy Turnover so special is the ingredients and the method of preparation. Firstly, It’s all Vegan… obviously, secondly the apples are not cooked in the pie, they are baked on an open fire until absolute mush, then mixed with other filling ingredients to build flavour. Why cook the apples seperatly and then add them to the pastry ? Simple, to get a fast bake crisp crust on the pasty we cook it shorter (about 15 minutes? and on a higher gas mark so that the pastry crisps faster (260 degree). We do not need to wait for the filling to cook through as it is already baked, we just want the ingredients to mix in the pie.

Fancy a go at the Topsy Turvy Turnover ? the most simplest of simple baking..

First up , get a fire pit going and bake those apples. Choose large sweet cooking apples (they mush fast) wrap in foil twisting the top to stop juice leaking out, stoke the fire pit and burn the foil black.

IMG_0530 IMG_0531 IMG_0532 IMG_0538

To the spyful watchfuls, yes there are other interesting things cooking at the same time as the Apples on our fire, those are for other “fire peat feasting” recipes. see other posts.

Let the Apples cool completely and empty into a bowl over night in the fridge to allow the juice to separate ( this will mix with coconut and cocoa flakes in the ingredients mix.

One Day/Night later – 

Empty the apple juice into a glass mixing tray and add the sultanas, cranberries (dried) coconut flakes, cocoa powder, vanilla essence, we borrowed a bottle of essence from a Starbucks (most kind  – share in the community baking), sugar mix then add the apples in. top with more cocoa, coconut and sugar and put to one side.

IMG_0617 IMG_0618 IMG_0619

Add after putting through the blender, the liquid contents (aquafaba) of one time of chick peas (in plain water NOT salted water) now spun white to 400g self raising flower, salt. Then roll out pastry.

IMG_0622 IMG_0623IMG_0620IMG_0625IMG_0624IMG_0627

Add the filling in long oblong block shapes and fold the pastry parcels. the put a baking trap on top and flip over so that the pastry is “turned over” and pierce the top of the turnover to allow the pastry to breathe during cooking.

IMG_0628 IMG_0629 IMG_0630 IMG_0631

Brush paint the top and sides with Soya milk to brown the crust then pop it in the oven and go do something less interesting instead for 15 minutes. gas at 260. If you want to gild the lily, you can sprinkle cinnamon and sugar along the top, we don’t but that does’nt mean you should’nt…

IMG_0634  IMG_0637

15 minutes later,. go back to the oven and hey presto it’s ready. Slice and serve with vegan dairy free and palm oil free ice cream, we found a Coconut everything free ice cream in Marks and Spencer’s food hall of all places.

IMG_0638 IMG_0642

First Helpings…

IMG_0639 IMG_0640 IMG_0641

Ooh Ooh, someone going back for more…

IMG_0643 IMG_0644






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