VEGAN KITCHEN – Plantain Mash – Fire Pit Feasting 02


VEGAN KITCHEN – Plantain Mash – Fire Pit Feasting 02

A chance opportunity to pick up a job lot of plantains form the supermarket at 10 pence each and a scorcher of a summer day worked like a dream ticket to cooking up this meal. Nothing beats cooking on an open outdoor fire, always take the option if you can get it, whether a full meal or to use as part of the cooking process. the scents and odoriferous signatures of a fire pit permeate all levels of the cooking experience. Embrace it.

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Green plantains have a dry, starchy texture and mild taste, while yellow and black plantains are sweeter and less starchy, we picked up a load of “dying” yellow plaintains for 10p each in Tesco’s and made the most of them.

The usual way to grill Plantain is to split it down the middle and grill each side in the skin we just wanted to cook through the plantain whole to pick up the flavour of smoke and fire and shorted the preparation time in the pan when making the mash. We cooked the plantain till black in the skins, opened then and then sliced for the mash mix

The origins and story of the Plantain


Machuquillo (Plantain Mash) High Potassium, high energy meal, low cost, gluten free. Usually served as a side for Meat, we obviously dropped that and made a plantain mash that’s stands alone, is fully loaded and a one stop smokey barbecue shop mish mash meal.

Ingredients: Plaintan, pre-cooked on an open fire sliced, one sliced onion, 5 cloves of garlic sliced, black pepper, salt, soya milk, engevita b12 yeast flakes, vegtable gravy stock granules, liquid vegetable stock (water from steamed carrots, broccoli, cabbage, soya beans – serve those steamed vegetables with the mash) and boil it down and reduce it.

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Once that’s done, simply mash it and serve.

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Add the steamed vegetables that we cooked to create the liquid stock and “BOOM” there it is !! The ultimate plantain smash mash monster meal.


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