FAKE FUR SCANDAL: Is your FAUX FUR actually REAL FUR ? Street Action – Get Involved !


The reality is FAUX FUR never really looks that great after a few weeks and a rainstorm, If your trim still has its  bright eyed and bushy tailed look,. its most likely real fur

Real Fur production is on the rise,. 60% of the US fur import market is real fur coming in from Asia, unregulated and undercutting synthetic fake fur production costs by up to 70% ! These bargain fur price points are driven wholly by scale farming and the increasingly cruel cost cutting methods which involve now “normal” industry practices of skinning alive, anal electrocution, horrific conditions of confinement in cramp quarters filled with excrement , beating, suffocation, gas, and poisoning.

When you wear a jacket with a FUR trim, you are making the clear statement: “Hey i’m really cool with that, and who gives a shit about where it comes from as long as i look pretty”..but are you ? really, what kind of person would be ?

Do you ever feel like you’ve been cheated ?  

Do you support regulation and ethical farming world wide ? Feel you want to do something about it ? GET INVOLVED:

PRINT / SHARE the below slips and pass out to people in your peer groups, family friends and fellow passengers on public transport:

puppy cut outKitten cut out Rabbit cut out

Support the campaign – Share  your own Testimonal  / Name and Shame Retail outlets:

“Someone told me about the ‘burn test’ to check if its fake or real. My daughter bought some gloves from a shop in Oxford St, Knowing my feelings on fur she asked the guy whether it was fake, He said yes (LIAR!) well it was confirmed as rabbit fur” Lisa Ramsey February 24th 2015

If you want to check your Trim or jacket to see if its FUR: http://www.treehugger.com/sustainable-fashion/how-to-tell-real-fur-from-faux-fur.html

More of the same: http://www.humanesociety.org/assets/pdfs/fur/field-guide-on-real-vs-fake-fur-final.pdf

If you have bought FUR without realizing ? Return it to the Shop of purchase and request a refund 

based on mis-sold goods consumer rights known as “Satisfactory As Described” :  http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/shopping/consumer-rights-refunds-exchange


Other Action – “A Sticky Business”

An increasing number of “Anti-Fur” Stickers can be seen around town, Easy to Apply and carrying a very clear message, whether you are out in the street, on Public Transport or wondering why you have to pay extra for Soy milk in Cafe Nero instead of dairy (why is that when it’s an alternative not a side order ?)….. join the sticker tape parade and get your Animal Rights stickers at the below link:



sticker01 sticker02 sticker03 sticker04

Go the next step – join the growing Protest action:





Images from the Harvey Nichols CAFT protest action group, (images by kind permission of Pacificus)

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Newly shamed in the Fashion Elite for selling “FAUXFUR” but proved to be cat / rabbit / racoon / dog: Aquatalia /Belk/Michael Kors/Jacadi, and Nordstrom Rack

Michael Kors spokesman commented that the material falsely identified as “faux” on the store’s website due to “a clerical error,” (NO SHIT Sherlock ! – Source NBC News today show:



In the 1980’s  public rejected FUR en mass following a series of campaigns highlighting the techniques used in the processing of Seal Cubs for FUR. It is ironic that this method of processing FUR , so vehemently protested against is more humane than most of the global fur trade farming today. At least the seals were dead ! The Public had an issue with that but don’t have an issue with whats going on today ? it seems unbelievable….

Here are some informative links on the reality of the FUR trade for those of you who like to investigate more:

FUR IS BACK: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-419557/Fur–fashion-industry-hang-head-shame.html

THE FUR INDUSTRY: http://www.peta.org/issues/animals-used-for-clothing/fur/

CRUEL OR COOL ? http://metro.co.uk/2013/05/22/cruel-or-cool-worldwide-sales-of-fur-top-10-billion-3803515/

IS YOUR FAKE FUR REALLY CAT FUR? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-444606/Is-fake-fur-really-cat-fur.html

MORE OF THE SAME: http://www.fashionunited.co.uk/fashion-news/fashion/tom-tailor-caught-using-real-fur-in-product-labelled-fake-fur-2014011619756

MORE OF THE SAME: https://www.yahoo.com/style/faux-faux-fur-for-sale-at-kohls-98314806768.html

SELLING DOG AND CAT FUR IS LEGAL IN CANADA WHATS THE ISSUE? http://www.straight.com/news/lesley-fox-selling-cat-and-dog-fur-legal-canada

SKINNED ALIVE: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2045016/Raccoon-dogs-skinned-alive-make-cheap-copies-Ugg-boots.html

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