STOP TAIJI Dolphin slaughter- Fishinabox at the JAPANESE EMBASSY

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STOP TAIJI Dolphins slaughter- Fishinabox at the Japanese Embassy

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FISHINABOX RECORDS released the Album TAIJI COVE which could be heard on the streets on the DEMO outside the Japanese Embassy as Taiji Demon Drummers sought out Japanese Visitors and Staff in an attempt to engage them in dialogue over Dolphin Driving in Taiji BAY.

The Final Cut of the Digital release of the ALBUM was titled “An Environmental Documentary performed in DUBSTEP” The CD release due out in March will incorporate additional Bonus footage and also a full Japanese audio translation and supporting text of the Ground Breaking London Protest speech by Dominic Dyer of Care for the Wild.


“We did this in DUBSTEP because its basically the best sound for street events, well that an d some crazy shit percussion outfit like STOMP,. but we didn’t have that sort of set up to hand. DUBSTEP is  the perfect musical back drop for expressing objection to the system,. we like to think of this Album as sitting firmly in the  – POLITICS OF DUBSTEP – “

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Photographer: KIT FRETZ

The DEMO Album can be FREE STREAMED on this LINK:
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