The Fur campaign has got a lot of feedback from so called “Fur Lovers”,. Comments such as “Yeah sure, It’s out there, but the unethical stuff is over in China not here !” (Asian Fur Scandals Skinning Alive, Anal Electrocution – actually global export to Canada, South Korea and Arab States), “yeah yeah, Rabbits, Dogs and Cats oh my !,.” (but it doesn’t affect Europe right ?) and “I only wear High Furs, Guaranteed Ethically farmed”.

 FISHINABOX  decided to take a look into this feedback and do a little digging. A search and find mission to track back the Faro Fox and Mink high furs that are so favored by the “fashion elite and wanna bees” of  our Glamour Culture.

FISHINABOX wanted to understand what does it mean when you pop into stores like Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Joseph etc and the shop assistant says “It’s OK its Ethically Sourced…” What do they think is Ethical ? and does it meet expectations ? The mission was simple, look up the meaning of “Ethical” and sample test the industry to see if it meets expectations.

ETHICAL:being in accordance with the rules or standards for moral right conduct or practice“.  

What does Ethical mean to you ? look at the documented evidence below and then ask yourself the question.

Our research to chase “Ethical Fur Farming” has taken us to Norway, one of the main established bastions of the European Fur trade (after Denmark). Here are some of the Fur farms,. they seems to look just fine out here in the tranquil forest and mountain expanses, so let’s take a look on the inside track of the Ethical Fur Industry.

Engaging with the team on the ground: Nettverk for dyrs frihet/Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge via the Anti Fur Society to collect evidence from Norwegian Fur Farms.  Nettverk for dyrs frihet/Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge have been working tirelessly to gain access and document the Ethical Fur Trade in Norway we can now share the findings of the group to raise the question.

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Let’s meet some of the animals that live here

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In all cases , All fur farms investigated contained the same conditions. Animals keep in dire confinement have resorted to gnawing their own limbs, attacking each other, neglected,, eating excrement when not feed, death and disease is unchecked and carcasses are left with living animals.

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Conditions fare no better for other species

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Images courtesy of Nettverk for dyrs frihet/Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge

It goes on and on,.  Every farm every cage, every pen, the same story. This is where your Fur Trim comes from.

This is the little extra you get when you put the Fake Fur back on the rail and buy a real one. This is the result solely of YOUR action, YOUR purchasing power and the Fur Industry response “People want it, they demand it”,. do you demand this, really ?  There are 6,000 fur farms in the EU. The EU accounts for 63% of global mink production and 70% of fox production they exist because YOU want it !

Our busy globalized world is hard and fast and unrelenting on giving us all advice on what to eat , what to wear. Our Media feeds are constantly full of “spoon fed advice to pay up and shut up if you want to be someone, someone socially recognized”.

Endless exotic, sexualized eye candy to model ourselves on. Take a good look at what they represent, who benefits from this trade ? is it you ? or the select few ?

Decide whether you want to be associated with the hard and fast, buy now and think later culture or whether you want to abstain or even better help us turn the tide against it.

Celebrity Role Models that wear FUR in the Globalized Western World:

Animals that Wear FUR in the Globalized West World:

Who do you believe ?

If you want to help put a stop to these endless atrocities its simple, firstly MAKE IT FAKE,. that is the obvious step, if you want to get refunds on your Furs you have splashed out on, then in the links below we have ways for you to achieve that.

If you don’t want to seek refund, or are embarrassed to return goods, but still feel uncomfortable with owning Fur,. then pass yours to a homeless person, Charity shops wont generally take them so just give Good Karma a little chance and hand it over to someone who is genuinely freezing cold. Once that’s done and you are Fur Free then Join the Campaign AGAINST the glorification and celebration of Abuse.

Voice your concerns ? Protest: EVERY SATURDAY PROTEST ACTION OUTSIDE HARRODS 12 – 4.

Click the links below for more information:

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  1. Horrendous! . Stop this suffering.

  2. Barbaric and abysmal cruelty which Harrods and humanity should be ashamed of. STOP THIS IMMEDIATELY THIS IS THE 21ST CENTURY

  3. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. How is this allowed? It is the most obscene disgusting cruelty

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