So long and thanks for all the tofish – 1984 No More

So long and thanks for all the tofish – 1984 No More…

FISHINABOX RECORDS Creative Collective finally disbanded in 2019 following the passing of Michael Green and prior to that Zainab Sheikh.

The remaining members of the group had been engaged in both community action and creative projects and music re-releases from time to time, tailing off in late 2020 for the most part, despite the end of the project, the collective decided to leave the page open, for any contact reasons or potentially amazing ideas worth a looking at in the “no future” that we now exist in .

The Collective, was part of the unity movement under the values of the free world charter and to the active delivery of community development programs to build ethically sound action groups.

The Collective was directly opposed to all forms of government and institutional social governance, manipulation and exploitation of animals earth and humanity, profit based manipulation, exploitation and corporate dominance or any other form of one-upmanship and elitism that has been founded from a pyramid power structure.

The Collective community action sought to find a better way and the ability to engage and inspire others equally to support and invest in the resource based economy change program .To ensure folk had a way to stop their dynamic human energy being traded for something as fundamentally creatively limiting, and, pointless as the pursuit of money, banality and garbage and to instead find a way to invest their collective energies directly in positive global change.

The Collective, Calgary to Beijing, Bangkok to Damascus, Gaza to London, Hong Kong to Las Vegas, Manchester to Montana, Tehran to Tokyo, Shanghai to Amsterdam was a global, diverse, multilingual, multiracial, sociable, ethically driven, questioning and engaging, and advocate for the programs of vegan permaculture and growing, the RBE Network, the free world charter, utility free living and the peoples power network.

So Where next Columbus ?

A few pointers on this post to check out, look into them, don’t look into them, it’s all about you now.

Any last words ? Well,  Just the obvious that seems to be constantly overlooked..


There is no authority but yourself.

It’s all about YOU and what YOU do now.

So long and thanks for all the tofish – 1984 No More

MESSAGE IN THE SAND double vinyl picture disc SYRIA10 YEARS ON

FISHINABOX presents MESSAGE IN THE SAND double vinyl picture disc SYRIA10 YEARS ON

To raise awareness once again for Syria 10 years of conflict, FISHINABOX has rolled out a double vinyl picture disc release of MESSAGE IN THE SAND. The discs are pressed in heavy 180g vinyl record for strength and durability to last longer and resist warping and breakage.

The Album follows the journey of refugees out of war torn Syria into the border region camps and finally passing into Iran before resettlement as part of the refugee relief program. Based on and around real story’s and events the Album aims to raise awareness largely ignored and taboo subject of the plight of Refugees. While all Media focuses on the Political Religious Sectarian disputes in the conflict Message in the Sand focuses on the flight, traffic and journey of the victims of war, the people. both in the War Zone through to the Camps, and finally to the current Journey’s end, (re-housed overseas)

The story of the victims of War is a constant global issue. The album could have been focused on any number of conflicts, Chechnya or Yugoslavia, or Rwanda and many many other places. It has happened in history time and time again,. Syria is currently the battleground of warlords and power seekers and there story commands the Media. It is for this reason that the Story centers on Syria’s refugees, the silenced ones, the discarded, the ignored.

This Album is not an attempt to judge, take sides, claim right and wrong, be Political in anyway.

The unfortunate truth for the Refugee is that often there is as much danger in fleeing a war as in being a victim of the conflict on the field. Music is the universal language that all people speak and it is this hope that the message in the sand will be carried forward to all.

As well as featuring stunning album art on the picture discs, the release comes in blank black or white double record sleeve with stencils to spray paint the cover. The aim of providing stenciling is to engage and invite those who own a copy of the release to raise awareness of the issues by using the stencils for street graffiti.

The MESSAGE IN THE SAND stencils are produced in a durable, flexible re-usable 190 micron polyester film in order to achieve a decorative graphic high stencil.

Want to know more about what’s going on in Syria, who you can support and how ? then check these links:

Syria: 10 years of conflict – GOAL Global

syria10_time_to_look_ahead_0.pdf (

Take a look at the lyric and story board, have a listen here:

رسالة في الرمال Message in the Sand – SYRIA CONFLICT – FISHINABOX RECORDS

Numbers are limited so if you wan to get a copy inbox us asap for orders in the comments or via twitter @Fishinapot

In a world where we are increasingly losing our right to protest, raise awareness and use of voices against in justice, and on discussing the format of the release between us, I finish with Penny Rimbaud’s quote on the project: “Don’t say it, just SPRAY it.”